Exclude without access to device?

Sooo… I may have messed up here.

I recently moved and in my haste to get things packed up, dutifully got all of my bulbs together, disconnected my ecobee thermostats from my account (which I’m leaving to the new owners as I can’t use them at the new house), and I’m now in my new place. Getting ready to connect and setup my SmartThings hub in the new house – some of the bulb/lamps have moved, etc. However, I realize I have a couple GE Zwave devices (fan controllers, a light switch) still at the old house.

Is there an easy way to remove those from my account without being physically present to the device to put them in exclude mode? Even if I go back to the old house I don’t have internet service there any longer, and I’m not sure how I would setup the SmartThings hub to connect both to the device and the internet.

At this point, I’d even be willing to just reset my hub and start over setting up the lights again and building the zigbee mesh. Will the Z-Wave switches still be usable if the new owners have a ZWave hub or is it dependent on me excluding them first?

Thanks for any ideas.

You can force remover the device to get it off you’re list off devices.
The new owners should be able to reset the devices or use general exclusion and then pair with a new hub.


If you want to keep them, you can just swap them out for dumb switches, and when you install them at your new house they should join back up with your network. If you want to leave them, the new owners can do an exclude - depends on the exact model but usually you would start the exclude mode from the IDE and then toggle the switch upward, or something similar, in order to remove it.

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Okay thanks… I think I will go the force exclude route. Does just deleting them directly from the IDE have the same effect as well?

It would be a bit of a project to move the switches (just in the sense of fitting it around other new home stuff and the light switch I had was just a switch and not a dimmer), and I don’t currently have ceiling fans at the new place, I’ll just leave those.

Thanks you both for the help.

To remove devices from your hub you can just delete them from the IDE. However the physical devices themselves will need to be reset or excluded to be used again with another hub.

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Sweet, I’m good then and will just delete from the IDE. And if the new owner wants to use the Zwave switches, I’ll just leave notes that they will need to reset them to use with their hub if they choose.


You’ve gotten very good advice so far. One more option, if you happen to have a minimote, you can take it to the old house and use it to issue a general exclusion to the switch.

You still need to do the delete on your account to get it off of your account, but you can go ahead and do the exclusion so it’s ready for the new owners to add to a new Z wave controller if they have one. That won’t require Internet or the smartthings hub: any Z wave controller can issue a general exclude, and that includes a minimote. :sunglasses:



Hmm, I have a wallmote, but not a minimote. I’ll look at my wallmote and see if it has a way to go into exclusion mode, but I don’t remember one.

The wallmote does not have this function. It lacks the network management features which were handled by the buttons inside the hidden compartment in the minimote.

The function you are looking for is the ability to issue a “general exclude“ command, not the ability to go into exclusion mode itself.


I have a similar problem. I tried to remove a Fibaro motion sensor (z-wave) but couldn’t . I sent it back to amazon and I figured I would just ignore it in SmartThings. But now it seems its breaking my Google Assistant routines! “One of more devices aren’t available. You might want to try setting them up again”.

Any advice, besides not being an idiot and returning a device before removing it??