Samsung account for the home

I have a lot of Smart devices that are now attached to the house (light switches, bulbs, locks etc) and think the house should have its own Samsung account so I can transfer it to the next owner of the house when I sell it. If I can’t do that, the next owner of the house will have a bunch of smart devices that come with the house that he has to completely reconfigure.
Problem: the SmartThings app on my Samsung phone takes only one Samsung account. So it has to be my personal account. I would love the SmartThings app to accept a Samsung account that is separate from the Samsung account configured for the phone itself.
Has anyone been able to do this?

First - lets hit the main issue you’re facing… There are LOTS of discussions on the community site revolving around “what if I sell my home?”

Short version - Most of us recommend tearing down the hub and giving them a SmartHome READY system because:

  1. Different people do things different ways, Choice is good. The things you think are important may not be what’s important to someone else.
  2. Security, How do you GUARANTEE there’s no backdoor. (think both seller and buyer positions before dismissing this point)
  3. You do not want to be support for the new homeowner forever. Full stop.

There are other debates around finer points and liability and law of course, but it always seems to come back to these three points. I strongly suggest searching for the threads - they’re very good discussions.

Now - the tactical problem. If you see it (the problem described above) as an issue, then to work around it, you’d have to be able to:

  1. Create an ‘account’ for your home with a separate address.
  2. invite that account to participate in your location.
  3. change that account to the owner of the location

The problem here is I don’t think #3 is entirely possible. I know it’s not possible in the UI or the IDE, unknown if Support can do it. I suspect the answer is no because I think the ‘location’ exists inside the ‘account.’ Happy to be wrong on that one.

That said, after you read the threads about selling a home - you may not consider it an issue anymore