Honeywell TCC disconnected (Honeywell Wi-Fi 9000)

I have added the Honeywell WiFi 9000 thermostat and there is a built in support in Smart Things now for this, interfacing with Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort (TCC) API.

It seems to work good enough for my needs, but I keep getting push notifications that “Honeywell TCC has disconnected”. It doesn’t appear to reconnect either. It currently shows 76 F on the smart things feed for this device, but the actual device shows 71 F. Trying to turn it on from the Smartthings app does nothing, so it must be disconnected.

Anyone else having this issue? Any remedies?

I to keep getting the Honeywell TCC has disconnected message ever night at the same time. It’s happened for a couple of weeks now I’d say. I go to the Honeywell app, but I appear to be signed in and any changes I make are reflected on the thermostat. So I don’t know why I’m getting the message, and I don’t have a solution, but I’m having some issues as well.

I’m having a similar issue. No connectivity to the Device from SM, and keep getting daily push notifications…

“[Thermostat] is disconnected from SmartThings, because the access credential changed or was lost. Please go to the Honeywell Tcc Smartapp and re-enter credentials.”

When I view Smartapps under the [Thermostat} Things page, there is “No Installed Smartapps”.

I have repeatedly been to my Honeywell Tcc web portal, and everything works fine there.

So it seems to me what happens every time there is maintenance on the Honeywell TCC system is that there is an obvious disconnect between the Smartthings Hub and the thermostat, but that when Honeywell brings their system back online the hub never re-establishes connection with the Honeywell TCC servers.

I called in to support yesterday and alerted them to the issue. The individual I spoke with encouraged me to have other users call in with a feature request, essentially, the more noise we raise the higher up on their priority list will this deficiency rise. So please, call in, complain that the Smartthings system does not re-establish connection with Honeywell TCC after they take their system down for maintenance.


The firmware update this morning along with the server update last night should fix Honeywells issues.

I would try removing from system and adding back in this afternoon. Honeywell updated servers and firmware specifically for this issue

Thanks all for chiming in. @Crussell did you see any fix on your end? I’m going to try removing and re-adding as you suggested. Thanks!

Even though already on my app I was able to get working again by going to marketplace>things>thermostats>Honeywell Wi-Fi 9000>connect now , just like I was adding for first time and haven’t had a problem since

Thanks for the reply. I just re added it. Keeping my fingers crossed.

How did you know the latest firmware updates were for this very issue? It’d be good for me to know in case I have some future issue that you may not be tracking.

Appreciate all the inputs!

I think it worked. No errors yesterday or today. Thanks!

This just happened to me again today 4:28pm PST 12/19/16 :confused:

This is happening to me almost every night. I add/re add the device and still have the problems

I am experiencing this same issue. I get an alert around the same time at night everyday that my Honeywell thermostat has disconnected. I hooked it up in early December so the update should have already been in effect. I just started looking for solutions today and I am glad I found this forum.

Same here. Dies every around 8pm EST, give or take 10 min

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I installed the 9000 this last weekend, connected to Honeywell’s online features and Alexia, but can’t get it to appear on ST. Honeywell’s site says it’s subscribed to ST, and when I try to add it by going to the marketplace it says it’s connected, but doesn’t show up in devices and the smartapp doesn’t appear in the list. Could maybe the same issue? Or am I missing something?

Same issue here. I get a message from Samsung saying Honeywell TCC disconnected. Around 7:45 EST every day. Stats through Samsung Smartphone seem wrong.

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FYI All: Mine remains working fine. Sorry to hear this is not the case for some of you.

The same thing is happening to me at 7:37 p.m. every evening and it’s getting frustrating.

Well, I guess I jinxed myself. As of last night, getting this again too…

I am having an issue with Honeywell TCC getting disconnected often as well. Seems like 1-2 times per week. Have to re-authenticate which is less than ideal. It seems like ST might be losing the auth token? It looks like tokens are valid for 600 minutes according to the documentation but a refresh token is provided.

When Google Home recently integrated Honeywell stats, this issue was brought up as a related side topic in a post on either Reddit or the Home support forum (I don’t recall which).

A Honeywell rep commented that they were aware of the issue, and that they had recently put in a fix to reduce these re-authentications.

Knock on wood, I haven’t had it happen for several weeks now, so perhaps it’s an update that hasn’t quite rolled out to everyone yet? Not sure about that…