Smartthings app on IOS 14.1 lost it's connected to Honeywell wifi9000

I had been able to control the thermostat using the SmartThings app on my iPhone 8, but it stopped working. When trying to change anything I would get an error message about “network disconnect”.

The Honeywell app “totalconnect” on the iphone continued to work, so I know it was not a network connect.

I searched around the forum but could not find a solution. So I tried deleting the thermostat via the devices on the Smartthings app and reinstalling it and that fixed the problem.

Hope this helps someone.

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I too am having the same problem. Yesterday “presumably” when they shut off the classic app (I am migrated and using the new app) all of my Honeywell WIFI9000 thermostats showed in the app as Temperature reading only. I could see temp changes and look at history. However all the controls were gone. I had no choice but to remove the Honeywell app and devices and relink it. Then the all the thermostats came back and was working. Today now i cannot control them and it is giving me the “A network or server error occurred. Try again later.” error you are seeing. the Total Connect Comfort (TCC) app works fines. ST is still receiving updates from the theromostats as well… something else broke in ST APIs somewhere and i don’t believe its IOS. I am on IOS 14.2 and have been on it since it’s release.

It’s been a week+ and I’ve not had the problem reoccur. I switched to the current app and deleted the Classic App as soon as the new app was released. So I don’t think the problem is related to shutting off the Classic App.

Did you have both the old a new versions of the SmartThings apps at the same time? Or do you think it was a backend system issue?

I always stay current with patches and new releases, applying them as soon as they come out. Software developers don’t do a lot of regression testing on combinations of old versions of software.

Ditto. Same issues with no controls

When will someone address this issue? I have probably $500 plus invested in thermostats and now since the new Smartthings app non of my wifi 9000’s will adjust they just read. I am linked to the new ‘72’ Honeywell app.

This is actually not a ST issue…honeywell’s servers have been completely bezerk for the last month. Even the TCC app has been completely down or extremely slow as of late. Honeywell is a complete fiasco…they are the entity you need to contact