Honeywell TCC disconnects

Anyone else seeing Honeywell TCC disconnects the last couple days? I’ve had 3 or 4 emails saying there was a disconnect and my thermostat missed a hold reset command yesterday around 6pm.

I’ve had this issue for months. I have to reconnect to Honeywell TCC every two weeks or so.

I had one this morning. They come and go.

Despite the notification, the programmed setback had worked just fine. I just ignore them.

I just looked again and it does appear as though my T-stat has gone rouge. I can usually just ignore the disconnect warnings too but I’m dead in both ST and TCC. I didn’t notice the T-stat being offline when I walked by it this morning though. I’ll have to reboot it or try setting up the network again when I get back home. Other than the occasional offline warnings the Honeywell 9580 has been pretty solid since I installed it in 2014.

Does Honeywell have an outsge/status page?

I’m not aware of one. When they sent out the email last month about the servers going down occasionally for a few weeks during their upgraded they did not mention a page to check status.

Well it looks like the issue was on Honeywell’s end. My T-stat just came back online without any intervention on my part. Nothing else was offline in the house so it really appears it was a server side issue.

@eric182 A status page like ST has would be handy in these types of situations.

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I have random outages like this once in a while. With one exception, the thermostats were online on my Wi-Fi (per the eero mesh app) and no issues reaching the Honeywell TCC website.

So presumably Honeywell outrage/issue. In all cases, it’s cleared up within an hour or two.

I’m relying on the thermostats built-in scheduling for temperature control. Got no confidence in all the necessary infrastructure needed for using ST to adjust the thermometers.

In the 4+ years that I’ve been using mine I haven’t run into this before. I do see the warnings that a change didn’t go through (though it almost always does) but not it being offline with it still connected to my WiFi.

Based on what I can see, it looks like it went down sometime yesterday afternoon. Because our schedule varies so much, I have the T-stat schedule set to our normal comfortable daytime temps and then nighttime temps. When we leave the house, ST will drop the heat setpoint and raise the AC setpoint to save a little money.
(No sense running the AC all day if we aren’t home) Upon arriving home, ST issues the resume (cancel hold) command so we go back to the normal schedule. ST was able to set the away temps yesterday morning but didn’t cancel the hold when wr arrived home around 6pm. I know the wifi was working because I would have noticed the warning on the T-stat when I manually cancelled the hold. This morning we left and it didn’t set the away temps. I was able to see that when it can back online.

It’s all first world problems. Worst case, I spend a little extra to keep the house cool for the day if we gone.

Does anybody know how often the Honeywell RTH6580 checks in with the ST hub? or vice versa? How often is it polled?

I’m running into the same problem here.
I believe Honeywell is doing this on purpose to disallow webcore from controlling the thermostat.
It may be part of their marketing strategy.

I notice that if i turn off the thermostat webcore piston, the thermostatwill never lose its WiFi connection. But if the piston is back on controlling it, Honeywell will cause a disconnection to the WiFi.
I have 2 Honeywell thermostat but only one that’s controlled by the piston and that same one always got WiFi disconnected

Doubtful. I have two thermostats at two locations that get hit be webCore pretty much every day. I haven’t had a disconnect notice since February.

BTW, are you sure it’s the WiFi connection that is dropping? If it is, that’s not the issue being described here. It’s been a while, but the notices I’ve received pertain to a disconnect from SmartThings, not the thermostat from the Internet/Honeywell.