Still having issues with Honeywell Thermostat disconnecting from Smart Ap

Is anyone having the issue of Honeywell Thermostat will not stay connected to the smart ap in ST. I loose the connection at least 4 times a week. Is there a new app? or is this another ST issue?

Same problem here. But I believe it us Honeywell fault

It is definitely Honeywell’s fault. I had this problem almost a year ago. I was trying to automate control of my ceiling fans for when my AC or heat were running but nothing ever worked. After many, MANY phone calls and emails with Honeywell, they determined it was their fault. Someone at ST had contacted me and told me that the integrations team was working with Honeywell on the problem. But I got sick of waiting and replaced my Honeywell with an Ecobee when they were on sale. Glad I didn’t wait for them to fix it as it sounds like it’s still a problem.

Same here and worse now: the TCC smartapp is not reaching the usual credentia page so I cannot add the thermostat again after I removed it.
This thermostat worked like a charm for 2 years in my integration but started disconnecting few weeks ago.

I have the email alert setup on TCC side so this is visibly their cloud issue although their mobile app seems always working.


This continues here too and it’s worse now it will not populate with the smart app information so you can connect .

I don’t think it is an isolated ST issue either. I have a Wink at our vacation home and the Honeywell thermostat keeps going offline, but usually the TCC app connects fine.