Honeywell TCC connect

Anyone else having issues connecting to your thermostat? I updated the total connect app today. I was logged out of the thermostat smartapp and now have an error when trying to log in. Thought I would ask before contacting support.

Thanks… Steve

I am having the same problem. I received a push notification that my Thermostat was disconnected and I needed to re enter my user name and password, but I receive a blank screen.

Yes. Total Connect app is down. So is Honeywell TCC smart app.

OK contacting support. Thank you.

The total connect app just went down in the last few minutes. I was able to connect after I updated 10 minutes ago. I will wait until it comes back up before contacting support.

Thank you… Steve

this has been on and off all weekend, I got this notice on Saturday night and the Honeywell app barely lets me sign in.

Me too. I haven’t had any problem with the app but lost ST connectivity on the 9th the first time. Looks like we can’t blame ST for this one.

Thank everyone for the feedback… Steve

Honeywell’s API is down.

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Got an email saying it was resolved but still seems down to me

Down for me too. I contacted support

Working now

I’m on mobile data and ST is throwing an error in the logs to check my wifi connection. The TCC app works as well being able to control lights. The community handler will allow me to change temp from here but not the ST handler. Anyone else have this. Does the ST handler only work while connected to your local network?