Honeywell RTH9585WF Smartthings app screenshots

Hello all,

I am debating if I want to purchase the Honeywell 9585 thermostat or nest. I saw some posts about how to integrate the nest with what it looks like in smartthings. Now I know honeywell thermostats are natively supported but I cannot find what smartthings will show in the app if you integrate it. Does anyone have one integrated? Can you provide screenshots?


From an installed 9580

Thank you!

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If you have any other questions let me know. I’ve had mine installed for a little over 3 years now.

Is there a way to use the humidity sensor built into the thermostat as a trigger

Not that I have found

In that case, I might just use the sonoff humidity sensor. Thank you for your reply. Going with the built in sensor would be more elegant.

Agreed. I make use of a couple Aeon multi’s for lux and humidity.

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Looking for advice if you could please on how to get the 9585 thermostat to be recognised by smartthings, I just don’t seem to be able to get it found.

It works perfectly from the TCC app, just no smartthings or Alexa integration I can get to work.

Seemingly going around in circles

Is it geographical dependant. I have a mixture of apps installed from both the UK and USA

If I look under the thermostat section, it’s blank… so not sure what else to do



Which Smartthings app (classic or new)?

I can’t help with Alexa, I’m a “Google” household. :grin:

Hi Steve.

Neither work, or show the options, I use the old classic for remote door codes, the new for everything else


I used the classic app when I connected mine years ago. I’m sure you went there but it’s done through the market place.

I was thinking, since you are having issues with Alexa too maybe it’s a Honeywell issue? I have never done this but maybe delete your Honeywell account and start over? Not sure what the ramifications of this would be though.

Does IFTTT work?

Tried the thermostat approach, but it’s all blank, nothing to choose…

That’s the bit that frustrates me, Alexa only seemed to have skills from the home app, which made me wonder if its geographical specific…

Thanks so far Steve

Looking at your screenshots, it might be an Android IOS thing, think I’ll drop them a line

I just checked on my brides Ipad and was able to bring up the same screens as I could in Android. It even told me that my Honeywell and SmartThings account are currently connected.

I’m wondering if it is a region thing. Are either your SmartThings or Honeywell account a UK account?

Thanks Steve

Must be a UK centric thing, I just tried the locks part for the Yale lock, and it’s only showing UK locks…
Tried uninstalling, but when reinstalled it just remembered all the old settings.
I tried installing from over here in Florida, changing the apple store location to USA, but no difference
The search continues

How do you like the summer weather here in Florida? I could have waited a bit for it. :grinning:

From what I understand, you are going to have to call Smartthings support and ask them to change your Smartthings account to a US based account since you live here now.

Calling, instead of email, will yield faster results. If the tier 1 support person won’t help, ask to be escalated.

Lovely weather, about 20 degrees warmer than home…
Well, that’s solved thanks, it’s definitely a geography thing, as there’s differing standards across the globe for the hubs etc on some different frequencies.
I created a new account, as one of the tech support suggested, and I can connect the thermostat, unfortunately the new app won’t let me change other devices as they need access to the hub, and that’s tied to the UK account.
If I change that, I think I risk losing some of the codes and routines already set up…



Support can change your UK account to a US account. They have done it for several people already on the forum. I would call support again if you really want the thermostat to work with with ST. You shouldn’t lose anything by changing from a UK to a US based account. Other than the device list will be different.

To be honest, depending on what you are trying to do, you could probably get the same functionality by using a virtual switch or two in ST and IFTTT. I use ST to set the temp of the t-stat when we leave the house and use IFTTT to cancel the t-stat hold. The built in hold cancelling in ST doesn’t seem to work. I could use WebCORE but IFTTT works fine and a little delay isn’t a problem for me in this situation.

Thanks Steve,

I currently successfully use the Honeywell TCC app, which I can amend any settings on remotely, but I was looking to integrate all my systems into the FireTV family, and using the smartthings hub seemed to be the most logical method

As I can’t do that still, (skills are enabled ok) think I might just abandon it for a while and come back with a clearer head.



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