Honeywell Lyric T5 thermostat


Has anyone gotten a t5 to connect to smartthings, they advertise on Amazon and best buy that it is fully compatible with smartthings. I tried using the lyric setup in smartthings and it says “you can’t currently add this” I assume either honeywell or smartthings has to update something still?

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(Bernie H) #2

I think it’s just to new. Hopefully they add it soon.

(Chris) #3

I can’t speak to why they’re advertising compatibility with SmartThings, but it is an integration that we’re actively working on.

Sorry for the confusion!

(Ross) #4

Will it connect with Honeywell TCC (connect) in SmartThings?

(Chris) #5

It will connect via the Honeywell Lyric (Connect) App, but we’ll make sure to add a separate entry into the marketplace to make it as clear as we can.

Turns out that TCC and Lyric are completely different APIs!

(Chris) #6

We’ve reached out to Honeywell and we should be getting the language removed from the product descriptions for now. Expect to see an official integration in the first part of 2017!


awesome thanks for the info, can’t wait to use the thermostat with smartthings!

(Zachary) #8

So if I have 5 Honeywell Wifi thermostats connected both in ST through TCC and the native Honeywell App, and then I get a single Lyric T5, I will have to use a completely different app to control it and currently will not have ST compatibility?

(Chris) #9

Sorry for the delay!

The Honeywell TCC uses the Total Connect Comfort App, but the Lyric T5 uses the Honeywell Lyric App. So yes, they use two different apps.

You can then get all of them working with SmartThings eventually, but the T5 integration isn’t quite ready to be released yet.

(Shane) #10

I, too, hope this Lyric T5 will be supported soon!

(Mike Scaglione) #11

Damn, just got this for Christmas, guess I’ll have to wait as patiently as I can…


Anyone have success using IFTTT with the T5? Or is that still in the works? The lyric service in IFTTT does now see my thermostat.


Haven’t tried using it with IFTTT yet. But it works fine with Alexa. And the T5 will work with Yonomi if you have the app.

(Peter Warnock) #14

@csuk Is there an ETA on the T5 integration? I bought and installed because the ST page displayed: “Any Honeywell Lyric model supported in the Honeywell Lyric app is compatible with SmartThings.”

(Cody Farmer) #15

I’ve had my t5 for 3 months now because it was a good buy with our energy rebate, it works just fine with alexa as far as voice directed temperature and the app itself I’m happy with its simplicity and efficient functionality with George fencing and ease of use. But it seems like I was able to make it a step further with the integration. I was able to to recognize honeywell but got no further. I’d love to use some of the smart apps that are out there. Seems like there should be a way. ETA…

(Ryan) #16

Wanted to see if anyone has heard of an ETA on the Honeywell Lyric T5 integration with SmartThings? I’d REALLY like to get it included in my system…

(Jonathan) #17

Slightly off topic, if anyone is looking to mess around with the API that is available for the Lyric thermostats, here’s some info from my own messing about. I have it integrated via - I also have noticed that HomeKit does communicate to the thermostat locally.

Developers Site:


Any update on the Lyric T5 integration? Thanks!

(Darwin ) #19

I too am very interested in this. The price is just right on the Lyric T5.


I got my Honeywell Lyric T5 working using my Google Home Assistant, Lyric phone app and IFTTT. app. I just say "Hey Google, set the Lyric to 72 (or whatever number I want) and the IFTTT app takes the number I speak and sends it to the Lyric phone app. This app is written for the heating cycle only. If I want to change cooling, I’d have to write another IFTTT applet. Here is the link to my applet.