Honeywell RTH9580WF is ready

According to a phone call O received today from Honeywell the RTH9580WF thermostat was ready on Honeywell’s side but waiting for ST to do their end. They have no idea when ST will be ready, but they thought it would have been done already.

Have you heard anything new about this?

I have! :smiley:

This is a bit of a mischaracterization from their end, but yes, it’s in progress. We’ve completed development and @csuk is in the process of certifying the integration. Give us a few more weeks and it should be out in the wild.

Yes! We are working closely with Honeywell to get this integration out, and we know that it’s been something that lots of you guys are interested in.

We’re actively working on this integration, but it’s certainly taken a little more time than we’d hoped. Rest assured, we’re making sure that everything works really well before publishing it.

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That’s fantastic news, looking forward to a real solution.

That’s great news.Can’t wait.

Same here… just hooked mine up, can’t wait to make this part of my home automation

I hope it is soon, it has been a long time coming!

@csuk will this include older models as well or only the one listed here? I have a RTH8580WF.

I think I’ve been using my RTH9580WF with Alexa and Smart Things for a couple months. Alexa Echo sets the temp through through some nice thermostat ST integration they added not to long ago, and the device handler by Thomas and Kahn (Total Comfort API) seems to work. Is ST going a step further with something? I’m really curious about this, I love the thermostat.

Using with Alexa has been around for 6 months at least, and I have been using it plus the My Total Comfort Smart App, but actual Honeywell support did not exist, that is what we are all waiting for. There is a community created smart app which does a lot but not everything.

Yea, I’ve seen it go through various stages…I was just curious what ST was adding (right now, at this moment) …since folks were talking about it.

I am hoping it will be setup as a device type with local hub use so it avoids the web if necessary. The local intranet is fine (WiFi) but the app should run local since heat is very important and shouldn’t be running in the cloud. For me it doesn’t matter as I am not leaving for long periods in the winter so if the net is down I still have the thermostat run on its local program. But for the people that plan on using it on a second home and want to depend on total manual control from afar then it will matter a lot.

@dshokouhi The RTH8580WF should work, as it’s using the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort API (which is what we’re really certifying).

I have a 9320, an 8321, and a 6320 on my desk right now. Of course, please let support know if you have any issues with the older TCC thermostats and we can look into it.

Unfortunately, it won’t allow for local control of the Honeywell thermostat. This will be a cloud-to-cloud integration, so it will require our cloud to talk to Honeywell’s.

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A shame about no local control. but I will be happy when the integration is done. Any idea on how much longer until things will be working?

@csuk thank you so much for the update! Currently I am using a community created device type that utilizes TCC. The only issue with this implementation is that I have to use Pollster to refresh the status and I can only do this once an hour or I get blacklisted for a little bit. Will the official integration bypass that limit and allow for instant updates?

I am looking forward to this integration. I have been waiting for this for sometimes now.

This is excellent news. I am using the Honeywell IAQ2.0 thermostat so hopefully that will work too.

Will you be building in support also for non temperature functions like humidifier control which is included currently in Honeywell TCC?

What is your planned release date. I was going to do the Kahn work around, but would rather wait for your official solution.

Also now that ST is working with Honeywell, is there any plan to build support for Total Connect 2.0 (their alarm control cloud)?

@csuk Any news on the Honeywell Total Comfort integration?

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