Honeywell Lyric has bad reviews on Amazon...does it work?

I’ve found the Honeywell Thermostats for $70 online and need to replace my Nests. They’re 2.5 stars on Amazon. What is the opinion with these units in the SmartThings community?

Honeywell Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat, Up to 3 Heat/2 Cool Heat Pumps and Up to 2 Heat/2 Cool Conventional Systems

Please stay away from the Lyrics. Our builder installed 2 of those (2 zone system) and I only had trouble with them the few months I used them. They are very dumbed down thermostats without the smarts of the Nest, not even close. You cannot even control the fan with the Lyric. To set them up is a nightmare and often would lose connection. I replaced them with another Honeywells:

The difference is night and day. They just work, never lose WiFi connection, and you can control almost everything without the phone. So both being the same brand this means the Lyrics are just terribly engineered thermostats.

Ok. Great advice. Does this thermostat work with sensors using smartthings? It says it does not work with sensors on the amazon site. I’m assuming that means natively. I’m hoping sensors will work with smartthings. Also, anything it can or cannot do I should know about? Thanks so much.

Yes, the RTH9585WF1004 works with any temperature sensor linked to Smartthings, NOT natively.
Actually you can use many different devices-status not just temperature, very cool. Just create an automation.
You can control most of its functions and add automations within Smartthings. Also, the thermostat comes with its own App (Honeywell TCC) which even though its a bit dated design-wise, it is very robust and reliable.

Awesome! Any drawback to these thermometers? I’m planning on purchasing 5 so don’t want to invest in the wrong thing. (I have Nests now…ugh)

I’ve been using mine for almost 2 years, no problems. I read lots of reviews on Amazon (I usually read the 3-4 star reviews first as I find them more truthful and informative). Many people obviously have problems with their WiFi and blame the thermostat but that is not the device’s problem.
This is a fully featured thermostat without the nonsense or eyecandy of the Nests or Lyrics.0 They just have all the needed functions and are very intuitive in their design and interface.
I would buy them on Amazon as they make returns painless for the most part if for some reason you dislike them.