Honeywell RTH9580

I just added the Honeywell RTH9580 device and it’s working, so that’s good, but the UI is not very nice, it’s old styled. I don’t see it in the github repo to make any changes either. It’s not even using the new temp layout with the temp at the top, with the humidity showing in the corner, etc… Surprised for a supported device you don’t have the UI updated.

I feel it’s something I could fix up in an hour if I had access to the device handler, but it’s not available.

What’s the story SmartThings?

I know I am not answering your question, and I apologize for that… but if you are still in time to return that thermostat I would strongly advise looking at ecobee3 as a MUCH better alternative. I had 2 of those Honeywell thermostats and replaced them with ecobee3 as soon as I saw them. This was over a year ago so unless things have changed, the Honeywell Wifi voice thermostat was old in design, had a terrible LCD with poor touch functionality, and in my opinion showed that Honeywell just did not understand IoT… Also, another major benefit of ecobee over HW is the amazing amount of info and functionality you get on their site (monitoring your equipment, controlling it, logging data, etc).

I hope I am not raining on your parade… I just wanted to save your investment in a dumb thermostat pretending to be a smart one… when you can get one that is actually smart for the same price :wink:

I looked at that one and almost bought it… I actually like the Honeywell so far as a thermostat. My issue was many of these new “smart” thermostat are not actually good thermostats, more technology than the basics of hvac… I had a Centralite and a Nest before, and they both had ± 3 degree variances, which is unacceptable, the Honeywell is at least a thermostat first with technology second… It keeps my temperature correct and within 1 degree of what I set it at.

But, I have not tried the ecobee3…

My main comment was the integration works, the data comes through, SmartThings support a UI template, it’s on their own example development pages, on how to build a thermostat with the thermostat control with build in up/down arrows, display for humdity, etc… I’m just surprised they don’t even use their own control for a device the say they directly support on their website.

If I could get access to the device handler code I feel I could clean it up in a few hours and give it back to them, just UI work, I’m sure the SmartApp they install is great for communication to the Honeywell cloud, don’t need to change that, it’s working, just want to update the tiles to look like I know they can from other thermostat device handlers I have built myself.