Honeywell RTH9580WF

(Joel W) #1

I noticed today that a bunch of thermostats from Honeywell were now available to install, but the RTH9580WF which we were told would be one of the first isn’t listed. It is the most used WiFi thermostat out there so what happened. The 9000 is there. Does anyone know what happened? My Thermostat said SmartThing compatible on a sticker when I bought it months ago. It was my second one. Last time I heard from Honeywell they told me it was being handled by ST.

(Aaron S) #2

As part of the 9000-series, yours should work. If you come across any issues during the set up process, shoot a note over to always-beautiful team at and they will get you squared away ASAP.


It looks like this works with more than just the 9000 series, I have RTH8580WF and it was connected just now :slight_smile: will need to test it once I get home.

(Chris) #4

Hey Joel!

The RTH9580WF should work! I have three on my desk that I’ve been working with. Just tap the Honeywell 9000 and tap “+ Connect New Device”

@dshokouhi I’m glad to hear that the 8580WF connected!

There are a few issues that we still need to sort out, unfortunately. You can find the most serious ones listed in my post here: Honeywell RTH9580WF is ready

Let me know if you have any questions or problems!