Honeywell (Resideo) service offline

Honeywell, which has spun off its global home business to Resideo, is providing me with a reminder why I don’t rely on cloud services, especially for HVAC control.

The Total Connect Comfort service has been down globally for over 12 hours and counting.

Anyone trying to control Honeywell thermostats via the service, including via SmartThings integration, is out of luck.


There was an acknowledgement of the problem, finally, via the @Honeywell_Home Twitter account. About 13 hours after the problem started. Guess they finally made it in to work in Minneapolis.

@HalD Please For those of us that don’t use Twitter, please keep us updated in this thread if any new info is disseminated. It would be greatly appreciated.

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I’ll check periodically but I don’t have high expectations for their Twitter account. Looks like it’s 99.9% marketing posts.

I assume they have some other support channel with status but don’t know where that is.

Mine has been back up since 630 am this morning EST. Was down for approx 13 hrs.

Just look at this:

Scroll down for people’s comments.

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I’m back up and running as of 9:48am US Central time. Went down just after 6:23pm yesterday.

Nothing updated on the @Honeywell_home Twitter feed yet.

I was watching DownDetector. Comments range from useful to just raging.

It seems to rely on user-generated reports. I was looking around to see if there was any service that proactively tests the web service.

On a side note, the Honeywell TCC app can’t distinguish between a “backend down” condition and an “incorrect login info” condition. Lots of people kept poking at the login or did all sorts of uninstall/reinstall operations. Lazy, lazy programming.

It is community report based service. They scan Twitter, Facebook and other pages. The result is visible and quite accurate.


Been down since yesterday. What thermostat s run local?

If you program your thermostats themselves you mostly won’t be reliant on any cloud service.

I don’t think any thermostats, or really almost any device, will be accessible from a phone app without internet access to something.

Exception would be any home automation system that’s wholly contained in a web server running at your home and accessed via a web browser on your local network. That most definitely isn’t SmartThings.

Just FWIW, the pinned Tweet about the outage was deleted from the @Honeywell_Home account leaving only useless marketing posts.

There is an @Resideo account but it is also 100% marketing, not a support channel. I dropped a tweet on them about the outage anyway.

And… here we are again. Red light on my thermostats alerting me to the internet service being down. Can’t log in to the Honeywell app {which can’t tell you if the service is down or your credentials are wrong). SmartThings shows thermostats as offline.

It’s a minor inconvenience for me since I’m at home and rely almost exclusively on the in-thermostat programs for temp control.
Honeywell home website claims the service is normal.

Down detector says otherwise with almost 900 reported problems.

I know I received an email from Honeywell Home the other day saying there was going to be planned maintenance for about 6 hours, so maybe that’s what you’re experiencing.

Did not get that email.

It seems they can even screw up local control of the thermostats.

Twitter has a dozen or so reports of what I’m now seeing:

Honeywell’s service is back up but has set the clocks on thermostats incorrectly. Mine is 3 hours and 7 minutes behind. And there seems to be no way to set the time or time zone from either the thermostats or the app/website

All of my Honeywell Thermostats (3) are working just fine (from the Honeywell TCC app, from the Honeywell Home app and from ST)

The webservice came back online sometime during the night.

Check the time on your thermostats.

Many, including me, are finding that the time is incorrect. And there’s no way to change it.

Time is correct on all of mine. But thanks for sharing.

Guys as i have heard, the Total Connect Comfort service will be going away all together and evohome will be integrated inside a new unified service which is called honeywell home. This app will provide the ability for all honeywell wifi or smart thermostats to be added. The TCC integration will be going away and a new Honeywell integration will be created for smartthings. This is probably why all the issues atm. Honeywell however, is keeping its mouth shut.