Honeywell Home Total Comfort Connect? (UK)

Hi All, I am based in the UK and have Honeywell Home Total Comfort Connect. I do not see the option to add this in Smartthings, only the Honeywell Home.
Do you think this is a location issue with the ST account?
I have also tried to setup a Honeywell Home account (downloaded the app/created an account), to see if I could then migrate over from TCC. Unfortunately it looks like you can only import devices (thermostats) from TCC if you are based in the US and have a US login :frowning:

Has anyone else come accross these issues?

It must be. I’m in the US and have the Total Connect Comfort integration running.

While my three Honeywell VisionPro 8000 thermostats work with both the Resideo app (formerly called Honeywell Home app) and the Honeywell TCC. app, they only show up in SmartThings using the TCC integration.

The TCC integration is… limited in function. For example you cannnot use any thermostat setting on the “if” part of a Routine, only on the “then” part.

I also see issues pretty regularly with missed commands. I’ve got Scenes I use to change the HVAC mode (heat/cool/off) of all three thermostat. It often fails to change at least one of the three.

Edit: seems like Honeywell has improved the TCC integration. I now have a good selection of attributes of my thermostats available for trigger conditions in Routines. Not sure if the issue of refresh time is addressed yet, when I look in history for thermostats, I see a once daily update.

Thank you for confirming, I have contacted both ST and Resideo for comment but am not holding my breath :frowning:


I discovered yesterday that the ‘improved’ integration has lost the ability to set the fan mode to “follow schedule”.

I had a couple of scenes that I occasionally trigger manually to turn all fans on, then reset them so they use what the on-thermostat programs call for. When I looked at the scene that used to set the fans to “follow schedule”, it was showing “unknown action”.

There have always been bits missing from the TCC app and the Resideo app such as showing when heat pump Aux Heating is on. The thermostats show that on screen but the app does not.

And I’ve had several instances of the Resideo infrastructure going offline on the last two weeks.

Thanks again for the feedback it is really aprreciated.
I had a response from both Resideo (TCC) and Smartthings the first said that you can only use one app and not the other, (not sure what they menat by that :frowning: ).
ST responsed by sneding me a link to create my own app using their new tooling…unfortunatley I think I will need an API token to implement that…which I do not think I can now get with a UK based TCC account.

So… typical useless advice read from a first level support script.

I have 3 Honeywell VisionPro 8000 thermostats. While I have and can use both the Resideo and TCC apps, the thermostats were imported into the Resideo app as TCC devices. Guessing that is not possible for the SmartThings integration.

Have you tried deleting your TCC account entirely and trying to access your thermostat(s) with just the Resideo app?

Personally, as I have mentioned, I’m very leery of having my thermostats dependent on anything outside the house. I’m only using the Honeywell apps and SmartThings for convenience. Temperature is controlled by the on-device programs supported by the thermostats.

Thanks Hal, never thought about trying to add thm as indivsual thermostats. I will have have a play around this week and get back to you.

Good advice :slight_smile:

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I’m not really sure how the Honeywell/Resideo infrastructure works.

If you’ve got the Honeywell Home/ Resideo app, I thought it might be worth a try to get rid of TCC entirely (or at least delete one or more thermostats from TCC). Then see if the thermostats will work directly with the newer app. My theory is that this would let you access your thermostats from SmartThings via the Honeywell Home integration.

If not it would hopefully not be an issue to recreate anything you removed from TCC.

In the UK too. I’m also really struggling to get Total Comfort Connect appearing in SmartThings.

It automatically offers “Honeywell Home” as an option, but then tries to get me to login to that, and won’t accept my username/password. Is that because “Honeywell Home” is not the Total Connect App/has a different login? If anyone works out how to do this in the UK, I’d love to know.

Yes, exactly that.

I’m in the US. I’ve got both an original Total Connect Comfort account and a newer Honeywell Home account. Each has a different password so I am sure they are separate.

As near as I can tell the TCC account “owns” my thermostats. For SmartThings integration, I can only access the thermostats via the “Honeywell Home Total Connect Comfort” integration. When I try the “Honeywell Home” integration, it sees no thermostats.

If you can’t access the TCC app/site from the UK I think you’re out of luck.

Unfortunately I have had no luck with either Samrtthings, TCC nor Resideo.

The cloud-to-cloud TCC integration has had some improvements lately but they also removed the Refresh operation.

Based on the History tab in the device view of my thermostats in the SmartThings app, the thermostat info is updated once every 24 hours. So… useless. Others have posted that SharpTools has additional capabilities.

I’ve expressed my concerns about relying on all the SmartThings infrastructure plus all the Resideo infrastructure functioning in order to control my HVAC. I’m sticking to on-thermostat programs and have only a few manually triggered convenience Routines in SmartThings.

Please can you post the rest of your response? It seems to be missing.

[I cannot seem to login to the UK TCC app via SmartThings… How is that done?]

This is what I have been pestering Smarthings, TCC and Resido about with no luck, annoying that it is not available in the UK.

For avoidance of doubt, I DO have an account at Total Connect Comfort here:

Note the INTERNATIONAL at the start.

But I cannot see how I can access that INTERNATIONAL site from SmartThings…

Hi Stu - it’s so annoying! If you ever do get traction with any of them - or find that it suddenly works, please do post back in here for us and tag me in. Thanks.

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Same problem for me being UK based and unable to login via Smartthings.

I can however still use the Honeywell Home Total Connect Comfort International Alexa Skill to control all thermostats so maybe this can be easily integrated with Smartthings?

You can give it a try.

  1. On the Home tab of the SmartThings app, tap the plus sign in the upper right
  2. Choose Add device
  3. In the Select from list of devices section, tap By brand
  4. Scroll down until you find (or fail to find) the name of the service

If you find it, congratulations!

If not you’re probably out of luck as you would need the network API for the service, the API for SmartThings, and somewhere to host a cloud-to-cloud connector service.

Yes I will do.