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Honeywell EvoHome support coming?


@Aaron Love to get a description of soon :slight_smile:


Another month has passed and no updates. Can you olease share your intentions on Honeywell support?

(Simon Featherstone) #165

I appreciate software releases are often tough and unpredictable but the lack of information for such an extended period on exactly when the official Evohome integration will be released is very surprising. It has been showing as “coming soon” on Samsung’s web site for months.

It’s fantastic to have the community forum here but is difficult to understand why Samsung seem to ignore the frustration that builds up in their customers when release expectations are set and then followed by a lengthy silence. It was the same for Ring doorbell integration.

Come on Samsung - please share the status…

(Craig) #166

@simonfea I was going to post something of the exact same nature yesterday.

I have the entire Evohome system I need waiting in a basket to click buy… been like that for ages now. Almost a £1000 investment is not something I want to do until I know it’s going to be straight forward.

I think it’s been over a year that it’s been “coming soon”

Sadly I think its just something that not enough time or development is being applied. Seems like this with most things in the UK to be honest.

(Paul Ockenden) #167

A while back Samsung was blaming Honeywell for the delay, and Honeywell was blaming Samsung.

I wonder whether that’s still the case? Perhaps we should lock them both in a room and not let them out until the integration is working.

Even David seems to have given up on his 3rd party integration, which is a shame, as that was starting to come together nicely (it worked - and still does - better than the ‘official’ beta integration).

(Aaron S) #168

I am super sorry for the delay - we are still experiencing API integration issues. There are known issues with reliability of the integration.

That said, if you are interested in using it, please email with the subject line Honeywell Evohome. This offer does not have a hard expiration, but is not indefinite (i.e., don’t DM in X weeks asking super nicely after the beta group says no more). Additionally, until Evohome joins the WWST program, we are providing no support for questions/feedback.

edit: updated the email address

(Shaun Reinson) #169 ?

Tried that, got an unknown mailbox error…

CC’d in support

(Alex) #170

.com I suppose.

Got automatic reply from their ticketing system.

(Steve) #171

Emailed and now have access to the beta… lets see how it goes!

(Steve) #172

Not even 24hrs and it booted my session… oh well, was worth a shot

@CraigJohn - The investment in the system is worth it even without the integration. Yes it could be even better with intergration, however the reduced gas consumption as well as increased comfort level is worth the cost in itself!.

However, @Aaron . I bought my ST hub about 8-9 months ago on the basis that Evohome was ‘coming soon’. Given there has been no clear progress made, and both sides pointing the finger at each other… from what you are saying, ST wants Evohome to change their systems to comply with your standards, and given other comments about Evohome elsewhere, Honeywell don’t like change… yet it works perfectly fine for Alexa…

I am starting to think about my rights as a consumer, and potentially requesting a refund as the product, although progress was in the works, you sold it (and still are) that integration was happening…

(Daisy Daisy give me your answer do) #173

Have you checked the following out?


Hi Steve, I can’t disagree with you but perhaps I can help! :slight_smile:

Is there a particular effect you’re trying to achieve? I’m having really good results combining SmartThings, CoRE and IFTTT to manage my Evohome setup. Useful features like:

  1. Going to “Away” mode when the last person leaves the house
  2. Going to “Day Off” mode if someone is present in the house after 0900
  3. Boosting a specific (spare) room if I run a “We have a guest” routine

It hasn’t been too challenging at all so if you’d like some advice on what I’ve done, or if you have any scenarios you’d like to achieve, lay them out and I’ll let you know if I think they can be achieved without this integration.

(Shaun Reinson) #175

The switching to ‘day off’ when I’m when at home is what I’m after - couldn’t find a way to do with IFTTT, as you can’t build in multiple conditions

I already use CORE for simple things like electric blankets on if I’m in and the temp is <20 etc… - so I’m familiar

Didn’t know you could start an external web service like ifttt ???

In a nutshell, how did you do with CORE ?


Ah, I do this with CoRE + IFTTT using IFTTT Makers. Works well!

It all hangs off a “Working from Home” routine that can be manually executed if we’re home and feeling proactive. Otherwise a simple CoRE rule like this does the trick:

Then a simple Piston to capture and act on those events:

And then catch that web request in IFTTT using Maker and do what you like:

This does the trick for me. Let me know if anything above doesn’t make sense :slight_smile:

(Shaun Reinson) #177

OK the Core bit is fairly straightforward

The Maker bit (just gone in now) is just about receiving the packet (working from home) from Core and then it trigger the evohome quick action ?

Is it that easy ?


Yep, just that easy once you’ve got IFTTT Maker set up in CoRE, which is a little bit of a faff.

You can do some really neat things when combining CoRE and IFTTT using parameterised Maker requests. I’m a big fan :slight_smile:

(Dameon Ward) #179

So Aaron when is the the smarthings for honeywell evohome coming?

(Aaron S) #180

Honeywell is a very important partner so I don’t want to start a finger pointing game. Numerous API changes have been needed on both sides of the integration, which has been holding up WWST certification. I won’t promise an updated timeline since it is not 100% under our control. We super appreciate the patience!

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #181

If that’s how closely you work with your ‘very important’ partners (18 months from first tease announcement and still nothing) then I hate to think how your less important partners fare.

Honeywell are reacting really promptly to gremlins reported in other forums… often implementing in days.

Cmon @Aaron … it’s not being worked on currently is it ?

(Simon Goldberger) #182

Hate to say it Aaron, but the unofficial app and device are just a few weeks short of a year old… I set it up with my evohome in November and havent updated it from github… As it’s still working now, it would suggest no major (or rather clashing) oauth or API changes since at least November…