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Honeywell EvoHome support coming?

(Roy Donaldson) #1

Hi there,

I can see the US ZWave Honeywell thermostat supported, do you know if the European Honeywell EvoHome range will be coming to SmartThings ?


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(Aaron S) #2

Yeppers! A picture is worth 1000 words:

Lifx is on the way too!

(Joe Jones) #3

I really want to get one of these - seems far more powerful than the other options on the market (in the UK at least).

I just can’t get over how ugly it is!

(Suleman Bhikha) #4

How long before this is working. I emailed smartthings support last week, got a reply saying it wont be supporting evo home. Amazing how quickly that changed.

(Aaron S) #5

@joealanjones i played with one a couple weeks ago. They UI is very thermostat-y but the hardware was pretty awesome. I like that they can be portable.

@Suleman.Bhikha make sure you check in with (rather than those .com jerks). The lists in the US and UK are starting to diverge, and will continue to do so as we grow.

(Roy Donaldson) #6

Having had EvoHome for over a year now I can say it is an excellent product. If you have a larger house, then the ability to control individual zones really comes into it’s own. As well as saving you money perhaps, this really does increase the comfort in your house. For example, I can now have my kitchen 2 degrees lower and my living room 2 degrees higher in the evenings. I can turn on the half my house that I am in in the mornings before going out to work and leave the other half off completely. The Optimum start and stop features are very useful and ensure it only heats what is needed and when for.


(Joe Jones) #7

How does it work in homes that already have dual zones?

I already have one stat that controls the whole house and one for the bedroom. Can I replace both with a single Evohome and have the valves control each room?

(Roy Donaldson) #8

My house originally had 2 zones, upstairs and downstairs. I replaced both relays at the boiler with the BDR91 wireless controllers and then placed a new Homewell single zone thermostat upstairs and the main EvoHome controller (running as a stat) downstairs.

I then started expanding by adding a single zone stat downstairs and turning the internal stat in the main controller off, then placing Honeywell EvoHome wireless TRV’s on my radiators, allowing me to now controll virtually every room in my house individually by date/time and temperature. It is a very versitile solution and based on a lot of original Honeywell tech that has been in homes for years on end already. All the optimum start/stop stuff Honeywell wrote years back and has been in their controllers forever. There’s a website called EvoHome shop and I’d recommend looking there, the guy specialices in EvoHome and Honeywell know him well also.

For a larger home, I can’t think EvoHome can be beat. If you just want something that looks a bit bling to replace your original wall thermostat, look at Nest.


(Suleman Bhikha) #9

I currently have two evohome controllers, one for ground floor rooms and one for the bedrooms. how will smartthings control the schedule that is already programmed.?

(Joe Jones) #10

Why did you install a stat downstairs rather than continue to use the controller as the stat?

I want the power of EvoHome it’s just a shame it doesn’t look as pretty as Nest/Hive2/ecobee etc.

(Roy Donaldson) #11

Bit of a silly reason. The holes in the wallpaper matched those of the single zone stat. The hall wallpaper is a horrendous hard match and couldn’t be bothered covering up the old holes. So, just stuck a single zone stat up and moved the Evo controller on it’s desk mount onto top of the ovens in the kitchen.

You tend to find with Evo that once installed, the controller is a ‘controller’ as such and you don’t need to touch it much. So, you can kinda of put it anywhere. With Next, it is a thermostat replacement in itself and so has to go where a thermostat would hang.

(Matt Brain) #12

Its actually not ugly at all, but it is expensive - i’m just in the process of installing a whole new central heating and hot water system in our new house, 16 radiators, 38kw boiler and 300l unvented cylinder - the evohome kit represents around 20% of the entire cost of the hardware!!

I have been playing with it whilst setting everything else up and am really pleased with what i have seen so far, the control unit is smaller than expected, and when wall mounted it will look as good as most things (if not quite the wow factor of nest)

(Suleman Bhikha) #13

@Aaron How long before the evohome is ready to use ?


My Honeywell Evohome is getting installed tomorrow… I’ll be adding it to my growing list of devices that don’t work with smartthings!

(Matt Brain) #15

Mine is already up and running and working with IFTTT - would be nice to know when this will go from being on the supported device list to actually being supported…

(Suleman Bhikha) #16

@Matt_Brain @Aaron Seems to be a waiting game for most things so far.

(Tommy Mcnally) #17


Do you need Honeywell thermostats for each zone? I am installing a hot water underfloor heating system and i was wondering what i need to purchase.

If this system works with Smart Things then i was hoping i wouldn’t need to purchase a load of thermostats, instead control each room with the ap.

thanks in advance

(Tim Flinders) #18

I have the EvoHome system with radiators and you need a special valve for each radiator so EvoHome can regulate the heat in each room. The valves have the thermostat built in. Whilst I don’t have an underfloor system I choose Evohome because it could support it in the future. I believe the way it works, there is a separate underfloor module that controls the valve on the manifold for each zone, then in each zone you would have a wireless thermostat on the wall which communicates with the central system.

SmartThing’s will communicate with the main control unit that will show the current temperates and the set temperatures for each zone. Obviously we can’t see the integration yet but I imagine it will relay the current and allow you to set the temperatures possibly even start the quick actions.

Hope that helps.

(Roy Donaldson) #19

Yes, EvoHome has a seperate underfloor heating controller that you should use. It controls multiple underfloor circuits in the one device. You then put a EvoHome wireless thermostat sensor (probably the nice single zone dial one) in each room to detect the temperature in that zone. You then bind the actuator for the hot water circuit and the sensor to the EvoHome controller and this let’s you control each zone individually.

Have a look online at the EvoHome Shop, it has all the parts listed there and even give them a call, as they are very knowledgeable and helpful on this stuff.


(Matt Brain) #20

@Aaron any news on this, you posted the image ‘coming soon’ 2 months ago - how soon is ‘coming soon’?