Honeywell EvoHome support coming?


Yes, it’s being worked on. In 18 months of development and testing we’ve been unable to get the Evohome system to pass our requirements for Works With SmartThings. Honeywell is, as Aaron said, an important partner to us, so instead of dropping it and moving on we’re committed to making it work well prior to releasing it widely for customers.

We’re about to hit another round of testing with it and hopefully it’ll perform better than we’ve seen in the past.

(Paul Ockenden) #184

Yet such a comment does exactly that!

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #185

Quarterly bump.:unamused:


I’ve been using codersaur’s handler/smartapp for 2 months now. It’s absolutely rock solid (I had issues with the official beta), and I highly recommend.

(Arnoud) #187

The beta version of the Honeywell ST implementation worked very erratically (needed to log in every few days) for months, but the past month or two it has been quite stable. Do I feel an official launch coming up?

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #188

Yes , I currently use his code and it works welll … but… he has not done a good job on supporting the plugin or updating it … for example the hot water support that has constantly been ‘in beta’/missing.


I have been following this thread for such a long time I have more or less given up. Is there any chance of this ever being released?


Any update? Not willing to invest further in ST given the awful progress made in last 18 months in uk.
Proper, good evohome support might change things. Surely some comms on what is going on?


Yeah I’ve always wondered what @Tyler meant by ‘been unable to get the Evohome system to pass our requirements for Works With SmartThings’? It seems an odd thing to say without any further explanation. I’ve used a lot of home automation gear over the past few years and the Evohome has without doubt been the most reliable so I wonder if its a support issue from Honeywell?

(Paul Ockenden) #192

SmartThings blaming Honeywell and Honeywell blaming SmartThings.

Someone should lock them both in a room and tell them they can’t come out until they sort this out!


(Peter) #193

Yes I agree, I ‘bit the bullet’ with with evo and succumbed around 7 months ago although I knew there were issues with ST. Evo has worked flawlessly since the install. I am still only a novice with ST and integrating 3rd party stuff but it still amazes me that they can’t (unwilling!) to co-operate. Surely they would both benefit.

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #194

From the UKHA Heating forum . (I believe this post…)

[Rameses Nov 22 2017]
" Its with Samsung - we can do no more, they have had kit (multiple times) they have had access to API (multiple times) and we have given help (multiple times) _

We urge customers who want this to petition Samsung."

Consider yourselves petitioned !
Having evoHome support was used on your website/marketing materials 18 months ago !

(Iain) #195

@Brad_ST any sign of this integration coming? Is it still being developed?

(Brad) #196

I don’t have any updates other than it is still on the roadmap.

(Iain) #197

Honeywell appear to be actively working with Google and have been able to release an integration.
Has anyone had any further updates on the SmartThings integration? (Apart from it being pushed ever further down a list of priorities)

(Iain) #198

This thread started in September 2015, here we are approaching the end of September 2018.
Dare I ask if there’s any news on the progress of the integration?


Well, it’s no longer “coming soon” as far as I can see. I originally signed up to Smartthings on the back of that soon coming integration (that was 2015).

Randomly, they use the evohome controller on their website though, whilst extolling the virtues of thermostat control!

Perhaps the marketing department assumed it had been delivered already…

(Iain) #200

@Brad_ST happy new year.
No updates for all of 2018, anything for us in 2019?


Likewise, looking for an update regarding Evohome.
Just bought ST last year after seeing it supported Evohome, little did I know.

I was on Domoticz, but that wasn’t quite stable enough for me. Now I’m thinking of ditching ST again and moving back to Domoticz. It’s way more functional ahead of ST in many ways.