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Honeywell EvoHome support coming?


Can we get an update please, weeks have passed now

(Steve) #143

…any progression? I have just started building my Evohome setup and linking in would be a great addition!

(Jack) #144

Can we please get an update on this Aaron. Thanks

(Shaun Reinson) #145

Ditto - have kit, to be installed in early October

(Aaron S) #146

in full disclosure - I don’t have a good update. Although the UK servers have been pretty stable, we have been dedicating a lot of resources getting our platform stabilized. Although the impact has not been as immediately noticeable in the UK (less demand in a more nascent market), I promise this annoying short term crunch will yield a much more positive experience down the road.

(disclaimer - the perspective of “short term” changes from person to person. I know this has been nagging for a few months now, but we are in this for the long haul)

(Simon Goldberger) #147

@Aaron " Although the impact has not been as immediately noticeable in the UK" …

Lololol you think?

Sonos not reporting properly…
Phantom reporting from SmartThings multi-sensor…
Rules engine finally dead as a doornail…
Random behaviour of Osram lightify bulbs…

Maybe the UK has complained about less different subjects, because most of us have a smaller range of devices… That said many of us would have had more devices if we could trust the stability

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #148

Why don’t you open the beta program up again for a while ?

(Jack) #149

I’m pretty much giving up on this now. Smartthings really is lacking in the UK, such a shame.

(Aaron S) #150

look at what this handsome gentleman posted: Samsung SmartThings- where do we invest our time in the UK?

(ie stay tuned for a series of updates over the next few weeks and months)

(Iain) #151

Is this Evohome support going to include the security functions?

(Steve) #152

ssshhh!! Don’t give them more work to do! We want the heating control before winter sets in!


Hi Aaron, any updates? Its getting cold and I want to control my heating as promised.

(Matt Brain) #154

12 Months since you showed us the picture of it being supported (coming soon) - what is the official Samsung definition of ‘coming soon’? Would it also be fair to say ‘coming soon - hell freezing over’??


Amazon Echo is apparently going to support this, released on the 28th in the UK. Its already live in the UK. IFTTT already works with evohome, and IFTTT works with smartthings, so it is possible already to use smartthings to talk to evohome, though it will need to go via an IFTTT routine.

The beuaty of the Amazon echo integration is the ability to ask for zones to have temperature set. i.e. “Alexa set living room to 22 degrees” and similar actions.

There are complaints that this only programs a temporrary hold until the next scheduled action - but in my mind thats the way I’d like it to work - then you dont have to remember to turn the heating off in that room. If you forget, then the schedule kicks back in next time an action comes up.

Im hoping to start testing this in earnest as soon as the UK echo services are up and running properly. At present when I try and connect an echo to the evohome system, it wont log in properly as I believe its still pointing at the honeywell US accounts only.

It is a shame that smartthings doesnt natively work with evohome, because then an automation could be used to set lights and temperatures at the same time. Athough the same is possible by using IFTTT - its a bit of a faff setting multiple recipies and virtual buttons on the smartthings etc.

(Aaron S) #157

What happened is, we pushed a lot of work on the US and UK thermostats to get them ready at the same time. What we found when building the integration is that the APIs were significantly different between the models (and not awesomely documented… which is not a soapbox judgement because our docs are a constant work in progress).

Unfortunately, we then hit our own stability issues. We have released a few devices in the US (and some UK), but for the most part, we have scheduled developers to work on existing integrations. The current batch of headaches is related to the tail end of a big push, but as we work through this, I expect we will see some awesomeness come out on the other side. I know this is show, don’t tell… and it’s not happening tomorrow, but I we will be showing everyone some cool progress soon.

isn’t this a standard British winter?

(Matt Brain) #158

I’m actually quite excited by the Echo, I have one coming on the 28th as part of the Amazon launch and will be looking to make the whole house a bunch more friendly for the wife who has little tolerance for anything which isn’t easy to use.

@Aaron - I do sympathise (to a degree), I have in the past been at the sharp end of trying to deliver to expectations and the sales / marketing folks often don’t ask the developers when stuff will actually be ready given the current backlog as opposed to ‘can it be done’. Without knowing how these things work internally at ST, i’m guessing engineering resources have been pulled off stuff like this to address core platform needs and as a result lots of us who are looking to extend to third party integrations are ending up frustrated. I’m also guessing its a case of squeaky wheels (those being the most squeaky getting the attention) and the total install base of ST + Evohome not being big enough to squeaky loudly enough for more attention from the dev team.

(Mark Stickley) #159

I got an Echo and it’s great for controlling smartthings (when Alexa understands all the words I’m saying).

However I connected my Evohome account and things started going wrong. For example with smartthings I could say “Alexa, turn the kitchen lights on”. But add Evohome and I’m told that the device “kitchen” can’t do that. I’m assuming that’s because I have a thermostat called “kitchen”. But it’s not called “kitchen light” so I don’t really get the issue. Anyway I’m really hoping to add Evohome to smartthings soon and hopefully that will iron out any issues if all the devices are on one platform (slightly optimistic perhaps).

Anyone else had any success with the Echo?

(Paul Ockenden) #160

You just need to ensure that your device names don’t clash. Kitchen and Kitchen Lights is going to be just too confusing for it. I had similar problems when I created a couple of groups of eveohome zones called upstairs and downstairs. I have to say ‘downstairs’ really carefully else Alexa thinks I’ve used the ‘down’ command.

It’s pretty obvious when you think of it.


Ive not used the evohome in anger yet as the heating usually just does it’s thing with evohome, and only when I require to override the schedule that I really need to issue commands,

However, Ive found that (by chance) the way I make the utterances to the Echo must help.

Rather than"Alexa, Turn the kitchen lights on" - I use: “Alexa, Turn on the kitchen lights”, so the on/off command precedes the room name.

With the temperatures, the room precedes the action, for example: “Alexa, Set the kitchen to twenty degrees”.

I haven’t had any clashes that I can think of doing it this way round, but as I say I haven’t overruled the evohome schedule very often. I do boost the hot water, but that is done via a virtual smartthings push button and an IFTTT rule attached to it. (“Alexa, turn on the hot water” triggers a rule to set the hot water to on for one hour.)

(Arnoud) #162

Any progress has been made yet?

I still have the Honeywell Evohome (Connect) SmartApp in my apps list, and each time I add my thermostat it works for either a few hours or a few days, but eventually every time refreshAuthToken errors pop up and it stops working… But because controlling my thermostat with ST is much better than with the official Honeywell app I keep hoping for a solution from your side :slight_smile: