Evohome with UK smartthings

I can’t seem to find Evohome as an official add on for smartthings, yet in a cimmunity project for Evohome, it seems that Evohome is officially supported now?

Is it just that Im looking in the wrong place, or are we playing second fiddle in the UK again?

Evohome for UK is not officially supported yet?!

I know earlier on in the year there was an accidental release to the UK but it was poor and buggy so it was pulled.

ST representatives keep saying “coming soon”


More evidence on the side of Smartthings just not caring about the UK market.

Even though Im trying to stay positive that they do mean it when they say they aren’t slacking on the UK front, when faced with situations like this its just difficult to keep the faith.

Meh, my SmartApp is better than the official Evohome beta anyway… :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont doubt it, though Im concious about whethr/how it would work with the askAlexa in order for me to receive temperatures from the system. i.e “Alexa, what is the current temperature in the lounge”

Works fine.

It is! Especially for those of us running the version with DHW support.

Still think that Quick Actions should be moved to a new system level device, though. To set a room to ‘Eco’ doesn’t make any sense - some might even find it confusing.

But your integration works very well! Honeywell should just make you an offer :wink:

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The challenge was a bit more than expected and I’ll take the blame for over committing. We ended up pulling developer resources to work on core platform features. When we came back to working on devices, it turns out the evohome was different enough from other Honeywell products that it’s taken a lot of work (and back & forth) to get the integration to a better point. We do not have an official WWST thermostat in the UK, so this absolutely a priority.

This is what we love about being an open platform!

Seriously, David’s code works well, and with a bit of polish could be brilliant. You guys and Honeywell could do a lot worse than adopting it as the official solution.

It always surprises me that, (without wishing to offend), a bunch of amateur/hobbyist coders with other day jobs can in their spare time put together solutions to problems that companies spending millions on product development and turning over billions don’t seem to get round to.

Thanks for confirmation this works with AskAlexa, Ill press ahead. Any conflicts with the native integration of Evohome with Alexa that I should be aware of when adding Evohome to Smartthings also?

Alexa didn’t pick up my Evohome devices from Smartthings, only routines and outlets. No sensors or thermostats. Have others found the same?

Not a problem of course, because Evohome has native integration that works like a charm.

Edit - just noticed that it DID pick up the hot water thermostat, but not the zone stats.