Evohome UK released

Hi all, I noticed that Evohome support is now officially released for UK. I want to start to automate some activities but cannot find documentation on this integration. Do we have an explanation available what calls we can make, for example how can we resume schedule or force a quick action?

Where do/did you find the official release of evohome for smartthings uk?

In the smartthings app at things/thermostat.

Not showing in mine. Thermostats is empty.

Evohome is still in beta and only those in the beta will see the entry in the marketplace. Did you sign up to be part of the beta?

No idea. Though I’ve got three evohome hubs and about 24 different zones and hot water so would be interested in trying it out.

I still can’t figure out why a heating system that saves more energy the larger the system it’s installed on doesn’t have a range extender. Hence the three evohome hubs.

Also the evohome skill for Alexa is flaky at best I find as it constantly has all zones go offline and you end up removing the skill re-adding it and finding all the zones again. If it works better through smartthings that would be good.

Another plus would be able to boost the hot water for an hour but at a time of choosing. I.e. boost the hot water at 4pm. That way if we decide the kids need a bath later that day we don’t have to remember to boost the hot water at that time. At the moment I can boost it for an hour at the time of pressing the ifttt button i have set to do it, but no way of delaying that action until a predetermined time.

Yes I did sign up for the Beta. Do we already know what calls we can make besides the normal Thermostat calls?

I am not in the beta yet I have the Evohome smart app visible (and now installed)!

Your account has the beta tag to expose the evohome integration. You definitely didn’t join the beta?

As for automating the evohome, you can change the cooling or heating set point in a Routine. Manually you can change the mode. However as the integration is still in beta, it is subject to change before release.

Hi Brad, evohome has good quick actions (like away) that you can use with ifttt. It would be great if I can build an Smartapp setting thesr quick actions.

The other thing I noticed is that a temp setpoint is a hard temp and the Thermostat is not following program anymore. How can we set a soft temp point?

Cannot remember joining, but happy I did :wink:

I don’t have access to an Evohome to test but I talked with our UK team.

I believe at this time that the only way to resume the program is to tap the “Resume Schedule” tile in the mobile app. However, this action is not something you can automate which is good feedback for the integration.

Yawns… opens eyes and thinks… it’s here… but it’s just a dream…

I asked to join the beta but have not heard anything, and don’t see it in marketplace.

Zzzz for another year or two

Can anyone help with how to sign up for beta access please?

Well, it lasted a week or so with the beta, but then I noticed yesterday that the tiles were showing ‘n’ and the authentication had dropped… seems as though there is still a long way to go :frowning:

Oh well, I’ve removed it again. Maybe one day!

It’s been working quite well for me. My only issue is that any temp change done from ST is a permanent change, when I would like to send them as temporary override (and go back to the normal schedule at the next set point).
But I am sure this could be fixed at some point!

Can anyone tell me how to join the Evohome Beta?


Any change of temperature in SmartThings still remains a permanent override, transforming a smart heating system in an absolutely dumb one…
Can you please change the smartapp to a temporary override instead of a permanent?

I wonder if Evohome will be in beta for as long as Nest… I really believe now none of these “beta” products are ever going to make it to official.