Honeywell 5816

So im a complete noob and I just got my smart things hub the other day and Im slowly getting things connected to it.

I already got my nest connected to it but Im trying to connect all the sensors from the homes ADT system connected to it (theyre all wireless and i dont pay for their expensive service). All of the devices are wireless and are all made by Honeywell.

I started testing with one of my sensors the Honeywell 5816 wireless windows sensor. I took out the battery and put it back in so I think that disconnected it from the ADT system. Ive read that this is how to break it from the ADT system.

My questions is, how do I connect it to my smart things hub?

Greg – I don’t believe the 5816 has Z-Wave or ZigBee (uses some other kind of RF chip) so I don’t believe those will be recognized by the hub.

Greg, did you ever figure out a way to integrate the Honeywell 5816 sensors? I recently bought a house that was already setup with a bunch of Honeywell sensors (window/door and motion), as part of a security system. I cancelled the security service, so now I just have these sensors all over my house. I’m really hoping there is a way to get Smartthings to see the status of them. I’ve been looking for maybe an RF to Z-Wave converter/bridge, but I’ve been very unsuccessful.

No I haven’t found anything yet.

That is a good idea though to find some kind of converter transmitter for the hub. I have the next two asks off so I’ll post here if I do our don’t find anything.

Let me know if you find anything to because I think this can get a lot people into using the sensors in that houses, especially those built within the last few years.

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Is this still an open question? Has anyone resolved the issue or found an easy solution?

I believe this device is compatible with Honeywell 5800 series sensors and will translate them to Zwave

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