Smartthings and other ADT model systems?

i recently moved to a house that has what appears to be a newer ADT. there are door/window sensors (which appear to be wireless) and couple motion sensors that are wired in. i want to use these with my smartthings setup. i originally had v2 that i had for some years now and i have 0 issues. to be able to use the currently ADT system in this new house i bought the new smartthings adt device. i was wondering how can i get this new smartthing adt hub to see these sensors that are already installed. also if there is a better option to use my v2 and the ADT devices, please let me know.

Unfortunately, they don’t work together. They operate on different radio frequencies.

The SmartThings/ADT model security hub only works with the dual logo sensors sold specifically for that system as far as security monitoring.

That model can also work with the other Z wave or zigbee sensors which work with the other smartthings model hubs, but only for Home Automation rules.

It can’t work with other ADT model sensors at all. :disappointed_relieved:

If you can get the brand and model number off of one of the existing sensors, we can look to see if there any other integration possibilities.

There are two different adt pads. One In The basement and one upstairs. The basement one is turned on and seems to be working but one upstairs is off. key pad upstairs says Honeywell and the one in the basement I am not sure but see the attached pictures.