Honeywell (ADT) Security System

My goal using this thread is to discover a way to use the devices already pre-installed in my house from the ADT system (which primarily uses Honeywell products) and attempt to connect them to my ST hub. However, all these Honeywell products transmit via RF and not Z-wave. I will use this thread to document my progress in using/finding a converter/bridge in order to utilize the already installed system.

i “acquired” access to the adt metal box and learned a lot of stuff about my system. it uses a honeywell sa5882-3enh wireless receiver to receive all the wireless sensors information throughout the house. there are four wires running from it to the honeywell wa3001-5.5 system board.

so my idea is to disconnect these wires from the security system, and connect them to a device that converter/bridges them into Z-wave signals so that the ST hub can receive them. Am i right with this logic? Does anyone know of such a device that could perform these actions? Thanks.

Edit: I may have found something like the below. Does anyone have experience with them?
X10 Inc. - MR26A
Hunter Douglas RF Adapter

Do you know what voltage/signals are present under what conditions on those four wires? If they are simple digital signals, then pick up a SmartThings Arduino Shield and an Arduino. It should be fairly easy to sense signal high/low and then xmit that to ST via the shield. It speaks Zigbee to the ST hub.

Let us know how things go.

I dont know what signals are present so i included some pictures from the system that might help you since im very inexperienced in this type of stuff.

from what ive read they’re digital signals received from the wireless devices and then aportioned into different zones within the system. therefore i think that different voltages are transmitted over the wires in order to break them into zones and accomplish what I think you are suggesting.null

here are the pictures, let me know if you cant view them:


@aggiemarine07 I’m working on an ADT Vista 20p integration. I believe I’ll be completed with it in the next week. I have the entire system talking to my PC I’m just working on the communication between the ADT integration card ( and a smartthings arduino sheild. Once I’m done there I will post a new project to the boards explaining step by step how to do it and all the example code I’m writing.

I have Honeywell 5816 window sensors. Did anyone figure out if these work with the smart hub?

Well Gregg did you ever figure it out. still trying to understand how to hook this up to my system. I have a alarm decoder and the adrino shield using ST Anything code but cant figure out everything

Appears you have all the necessary components. Please see this thread on getting it to work!

Thanks but I want to take the main system board out of the loop. I have totally deactivated it but kept the wireless portion still running. Is there a way to pull the codes off that board? The only wired equipment that I still have hooked up is the one wired motion detector for power. Everything else goes through the wireless product.

right now I was thinking that I would just hook something up to the light and allow that to drive a contact switch. Since I don’t know how to get the digital signal off of it I really don’t know what else to do

Sorry can’t help you there. The alarm decoder requires the Vista board as well. There are other threads on this community where people have hooked up the sensors directly to the arduino.