Can I use SmartThings with old ADT wireless sensors

I’m new to this and am asking if a SmartThings system would work in my situation for my current hardware and needs?
Just bought a house with a disconnected ADT wireless system. It has 17 Honeywell 5816 window sensors and a few motion detectors. There is a CO detector which I suspect was connected, but the CO panel shows scrambled for now. There are no cameras and no siren that I know of. Don’t know how old the system is, but the control panel looks like this.

I don’t want a monitored home security system. I just would like to know if all the doors and windows are closed when we go to bed. Also I’m home all day and will be at one end of the house. If my wife comes home through the garage or utility room, there’s no way I would hear her, so it would be nice to know about that. Would also be nice to add a camera at the front door (Ring???) and driveway.
Is SmartThings a candidate for reusing the Honeywell sensors and adding cameras?

Dedicated security sensors (especially those greater than two years old) are likely 433Mhz RF sensors. SmartThings hubs fo not have a 433Mhz radio. Generally they only work with a dedicated security system (read, Honeywell, ADT, etc.) that specifically supports 433Mhz sensors. So the short answer is no, not by default.

Some options…

I don’t know if Konnected alarm boards support 433Mhz wireless sensors, but if they do you could replace the alarm board and then import the entire system into ST.

I personally use a solution called AlarmServer to connect my ADT alarm system to SmartThings. I dont have abg wireless sensors but my board supports them and if i added a zone with one it would show up in ST.

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According to the FCC, FCC ID CFS8DL5816 part number operates at 345 Mhz. Does that change anything?

No. SmartThings only has ZWave, Zigbee abd WiFi radios in its hubs. (Bluetooth is on v. 2 and better but not active, a Thread radio is on V. 3 and the Aeotec, but again not active.)

Those sensors are designed for standalone security systems. ST is not a standalone security system.

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thanks for the awesome information.