Honeywell L5100 as ZWave Controller for RF sensors


I recently moved into a house that had an existing ADT systems. The system consists of a Honeywell L5100 touch panel and Honeywell 5816 RF sensors. I’m trying to find a way to implement these sensors into ST.

So far I’ve found this solution which utilizes an Andersen Verilock Translator to pick up the RF sensors and report on them over Z Wave.

Before going the route of purchasing that Translator and trying to implement these custom device handlers, I’m wondering if I can take a simpler/cheaper route.

If install the ZWave model into my L5100 panel and add it as a secondary controller to ST, will it report on the RF sensor devices that are connect to it, or just connected ZWave devices?

Thanks for any insight anyone can provide. I did research on this as best I could before posting.