One Device - 2 hubs?

Hello Everyone,
I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this one, but wanted to make sure. I plan to do a smart things home automation and have some door sensors setup. Meanwhile I’ll probably have an ADT security system installed as well. I believe ADT’s security system uses Z-Wave devices for detecting door open/close, so I was hoping I could use the same sensor on both networks. No can do right?

So if thats the case, and I need 2 door sensors, is there any major problem with having 2 z-wave systems in the same house?

I guess I’m trying to rationalize how I’ll have the ADT security system and the smart things hub in the most efficient way possible.

You are correct that Zwave standard itself only allows each device to have one primary controller (hub).

But the flipside of that is that there’s no problem at all having multiple Z wave networks in the same building, or the same room. Each device knows which network it belongs to.

A third alternative is that it is sometimes possible to make one hub a “secondary controller” to another hub. That can get pretty complicated, though, but I know some people have done it with ST as a secondary. So you might search the forums for that as well.

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Thanks :). I did a quick look around and any/all integrations with ADT have included some pretty complex devices :). Good to know that 2 networks won’t be an issue though. WORST case my doors might have 2 sensors on them. Oh well. Gonna have the smart things sensor recessed.

Be careful that you don’t mess up any ADT warranty.