HomeSeer HSM200 Z-Wave Multi-Sensor

Does anyone know if this product is compatible with SmartThings Hub v 2. If not does anyone know of a motion sensor that is not Battery powered that will work with ST Hub?

Hi @pdolan, This is a interesting device. I saw it a while back and wondered the same thing.

Out of the box, this is probably not supported beyond just a regular zwave motion sensor - BUT, you’re in luck!

Search is your friend in this Community:

Already a discussion:

And a custom device type you can try:


There’s also a $90 smartenIT ZIGBEE motion sensor which normally operates on batteries, but can be wired to a power adapter if you prefer. About the size of a single gang switch plate. It’s popular for hotels and apartment lobbies to trigger lobby lighting. It’s a little nicer looking, I think, then homeseer but costs more and there is some work to set it up if you want it wired. It uses zigbee home automation 1.2 profile, so it should work with SmartThings, a number of their other devices do.

The Homeseer will be easier to use because it just plugs in. But it’s always good to have choices. :sunglasses: