Where are the Ezmultipli (HSM200)?

Been a long time since I’ve been on community, life, work, SmartThings has been working great for me (until my SO accidentally killed my hub, and I have to rebuild. That’s going as expected, hard but rewarding).

Thing is I want to add some more of these devices as I build. Why can’t I buy any anywhere? Why aren’t there any other plugin motion and temp sensors? I don’t want a wire, I want the EZ/HSM200 or similar.

I’m thinking patent war or lawsuit or maybe not enough people bought them, but they are the single most reliable part of my home automation. Never run out of battery, just work.

Just curious.

No lawsuits that I know of, they just never decided to come out with an S2 version and the old stocks have been depleted. Too bad, it was a useful device.

As far as plug-in Z wave motion sensors, both Aeotec and GE have recent models that can be plugged into a USB adapter.

None with the plug straight into the wall form factor though. I’d have to mount these to the wall…

Thanks for the info though. Market opportunity for someone, it was a great form factor. May have to scour ebay to get one here/there.

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