AC Powered motion sensor - Need advice please

Hey Guys, so let me start of by saying the ST Motion Sensor is garbage… (IMO).
I realize i am most likely opening the 99th thread about a motion sensor but i could not get a definite answer.

Like many others my motion sensor simply every 2 days stop responding and even taking the battery out doesnt help, i have to completely reset it.

What i have tried:

  1. Reset it completely - same results after 2 days.
  2. Replace battery - no luck.
  3. Purchased a repeater and put it next to it - same issues.

So i am looking for a good alternative, preferably AC powered to it can act as a repeater.
I use them for automating my straits light if my kids wake up at night. But sadly the ST own motion sensor just simply get stuck in motion or no motion and thats it… my automation stop working until i completely remove the device and re add it.

Looked at amaon/monoprice etc. i see the PIR motion sensors but they are non AC powered and i am unsure how they will be with the angle view…

any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

I only know of one zwave plug-in motion sensor that works well with SmartThings: the homeseer HSM 200.

There are a couple of Wi-Fi motion sensors that have IFT TT channels, including one from WeMo and one from DLink, but you’ll get some additional lag with those.

Which repeater did you try using with your current motion sensor?

The ST plug… Chose that specifically to ensure compatibility.
I also bought the IRIS one and added the handler code but switched that location with the ST plug to ensure compatibility. The ST motion is simply so flaky…

I understand. There have been quite a few reports on that model recently. People seem pretty happy with either the iris motion sensor or some of the inexpensive Z wave ones. Those are all battery operated, but they haven’t shown the same problems that the one you have has.

I just located this thread: [RELEASE] zooZ Mini Plug (ZEN07), Contact Sensor (ZSE08), Mini Sensor (ZSE09) Device Handlers
and took a chance and ordered it… i had better luck with ZooZ 4 in 1 sensor… i hope this will solve my issues…
i spent so much on ST and its “Things” and i already had to replace several and its beginning to be annoying… they are not as reliable as i was hoping they will be.

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