Plugged in - Z-Wave Motion + Temperature Sensor

Hey Guys -

I tried looking but can’t seem to find a Z-Wave Motion + Temperature sensor that plugs in. Does anyone know of any?

I want z-wave because this is for my garage and I already have a zwave opener in there, I don’t believe my zigbee network will reach there.

Also I don’t want to deal with more batteries and I have plently of places to plug it in.

Any leads?

Aeontec plugs in to a usb


I’ve had one of those plugged in for a while now and it works great.


Nice - A little expensive but otherwise perfect. I might be buying many of these.

Thank you.

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The homeseer HSM 200 is a plug-in model with an indicator light that can be one of seven colors. Reports motion, temperature, and light level, although the light level reading is weird, it’s obviously intended just to have it function as a night light.

Quite a few people are using it. This one is even more expensive than the Aeotec, but the indicator light can be a nice feature.

It Also functions as a Z wave repeater, one reason people often choose plug-in devices. The Aeotec also does when it’s plugged in, but not when running on battery. ( battery operated devices generally do not repeat because it would use up too much battery life.)


People may be looking for a mains powered device for any of several different reasons.

  1. the mains powered device will act as a repeater, battery powered devices generally don’t as it would use too much battery life

  2. they find physically managing batteries difficult, as I do

  3. The device will be located in a place where getting to it to change batteries may be challenging. This is often given as a reason for choosing mains powered devices for a relative’s home in another city.

  4. they just don’t want the hassle of monitoring battery powered devices for battery life

  5. it’s a high-priority use case and they feel that mains powered devices are more reliable

As they say, “your use case is not my use case.” Choice is good. :sunglasses:

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That looks like a nice option as well. I’ll have to research all options.
Thank you.

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Some people use the indicator light on the Homeseer device to indicate whether Smart Home Monitor is armed or not, for example. I know at least one member uses the light colors to indicate the weather forecast: snow, rain, clear. And a couple people use it for “the mail is in.” So it can be useful, particularly for garage situations. :sunglasses: But it does cost more.

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I just bought two iris contact sensors that I installed a week ago… Both are reporting 79% battery already. The garage has a lot of outlets so I thought they would be the best option. I know that when a battery runs out that I won’t be quick to replace it.

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That multisensor look nice. I guess it’s time to start harvesting data.
I wish Smartthings would graphically show every device event of the past 24 hours (and maybe, even better, having an accessible JSON log of the entire “location” without having to write a groovy web smartapp to expose devices).
I’m a developer: I need log files to troubleshooting my house :sunglasses:

Don’t worry, someone will come and tell you about one of the dozen options to visualize the data.

I think someone was even using SNMP at some point. :slight_smile:

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I fit into a lot of those categories, but primarily it’s just a hassle.

I had my sensors on batteries and they would go crazy at times… I think when things are quiet the battery usage is good, but at times they would run through batteries in a couple of weeks.

When it got so bad that I just didn’t replace them, or I found myself looking for a new DTH that would let me change the polling frequency or stop reporting on some items, I just figured it was time to stop fiddling with batteries.

Haven’t had any issues since, other than the occasional motion false alarm when the sun hits one of the sensors the wrong way. :slight_smile:

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Oh, I know everything is there from the SmartThings side:
the key point was
…without having to write a groovy web smartapp to expose devices…
when I need data I usually just parse the JSON from the SmartThings and feed excel for the graphics I need and cross reference how the devices interact with each other.
I was hoping in something more web developer friendly and just easier to use for non developers (that they don’t know yet but they need to troubleshooting their house too :slight_smile: ) and to streamline my whole process.

I wish i saw these MultiSensor 6’s before i purchased some Iris motion the battery. I’ve had mine for about a week and i’m at 80%.

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As someone pointed out (I think was ) if the motion sensor is in a busy place with people triggering it all the time a battery operated device is just not a great idea. Everytime they have to send back data to the hub precious battery juice is spent.

TLDR: battery operated motion sensors are a bad idea

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If i can get 1+ years out of the MultiSensor 6 thats a win for me i don’t want to change batteries monthly.

Doesn’t the Zwave garage door opener act as a Zwave repeater?

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Dlink promise 2 years for their ZWave motion sensor: I call it bs but who knows

Maybe motion sensors could be configured to delay “buffer” events but who need a 10 minutes old motion event?
Make people stop walking in front of it or move it in a less trafficated area if you can still trigger meaningful events.
Those battery operated devices should come with the "worste possible conditions number or events per battery cycle.

Do the plugged in sensors report temperature and light levels more often than the battery powered ones? I need something that knows more quickly whether a light is shining or not…

The reason I am looking for a plug in motion sensor is because in the garage it gets cold and batteries don’t last two minutes in cold weather. I have a battery powered one in their now and the battery is going down so fast compared to other sensors inside the house.
I brought the garage sensor inside and suddenly the battery life is now fine.