Z-wave light switch w/ motion and dimmer?

I don’t know of any current zwave devices that would fit.

SmartenIT makes a very nice zigbee Multisensor that does lux, temperature, and motion and is popular in office buildings and hotels for light control. It should be small enough although you might need to do some framing. Can be battery or mains powered. Costs around $90, though.

I don’t know if anyone’s done a device handler for it yet, but it uses the Home Automation profile, it should be worth a try.


Bumping this up again. Any news or findings yet on such a switch that includes a light switch and a motion sensor?

What about any PIR/Motion sensors that are AC Powered vs battery.

Nothing new. Most people just use two separate devices, a motion sensor and a switch. Works great, and actually gives you more freedom about where to place the sensor.

Any recommendation on a motion sensor? Are there any motion sensors that can be plugged in?

There are many good battery operated motion sensors that work with SmartThings. There are several listed on the official “works with” compatibility list.

As far as the battery life goes, in a typical home situation where it gets tripped up to a dozen times a day, normally batteries will last at least a year, and often two.

If it were at a store entryway where it tripped every few seconds, battery life might be more of an issue.

If you watch the current deals thread where people post deals that they see, there are often simple motion sensors and contact sensors that will sell in packs of two or three, bringing the price down to around $20 a sensor.

For more expensive sensors that include additional features, such as light level (which allows you, for example, only have the motion sensor turn on the lights if the room is dark), I think the most popular in the community are probably the Aeon multisensor and the Fibaro. Much discussion in the forums on both.

As far as plug-ins, there are a few. They’re not as popular because one of the big advantages of the battery-operated ones are that they can be positioned exactly where you want them, which allows you, for example, to catch someone as they walk into the kitchen without being triggered by a person who is walking past down the hall.

SmartenIT has a larger one popular with hotels and apartments for lobby areas that can be wired to a power adapter… It’s not a plug-in, though. It’s about the size of a regular light switch. I could see it being useful in a garage or shed where you wanted to cover a larger area and never have to change batteries. But as I said, it would require some wiring. It comes set up for battery operation, it’s just that the wiring option is possible.

If I think of anymore I will add them. Pretty much any zwave motion detector should work for SmartThings for basic detection reporting. For zigbee, look for ones that use the “home automation profile 1.2” (ZHA 1.2), but they might require some custom coding.

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Any recommendation on a motion sensor? Are there any motion sensors that can be plugged in?

Found a plug-in one for you. This is a plug in zwave motion sensor and some people in the community are using it. Seems to work fine as a motion sensor. It’s intended to be plugged in, so it doesn’t need any modifications the way the smartenIT would.

it’s intended to also be an indicator light where the nightlight lightbulb on the front changes color as a notifier.

I don’t know anything more about it other than that it’s a certified zwave device, you can buy it on Amazon from homeseer, and you should be able to find more information from community members in the following topic:

I believe all the Aeon Labs Multi-Sensors can be powered via usb. There are several threads that mention the Aeons with usb power. Here are two.

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Correct–there is a microusb cable included, if you remove the batteries you can see the plug in the sensor.

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Thanks for the replies, I will have to check out these sensors. If anybody comes across more options that would be awesome. Seems like so far its a either battery or power option. Be nice if the batterys could of been used as a Backup option, in case of power lose and not the main power source.

Are there an Z-wave light switches with just w/ motion ones (I don’t necessarily need a dimmer). If not, are there any Zigbee ones, or anything else that works (can be made to work) with SmartThings?

Would love to know the answer to this to, just want a light switch (doesn’t have to be a dimmer) that can work with Smart Things hub.

Are you in the US or the UK?

There are many light switches that can work with the smartthings hub in the US, both the BNZ wave. But none as yet that also include a motion sensor, so you need to use a separate sensor for that.

If you are in The UK, there are no switch options on the official works with smart things list, but there are some that you can try. See the FAQ in the UK section.

I am in the US =). Too bad there is no combo yet, sounds like a Light switch/Motion Sensor would be pretty popular if anyone decided to manufacture it .

I think it’s more the other way around, that zwave device Companies don’t make one because it turns out that you have a lot more flexibility if the sensor is a separate device. That’s doable once you have Zigbee or zwave because you also have a network.

The non-worked occupancy switches which combined a motion sensor and a light switch in one gang box had to be in one unit because otherwise the motion sensor had no easy way to communicate to the light switch.

I do think there will be some combined units in a year or so since zwave plus devices are smaller, but I expect that separating the two devices will continue to be the more popular choice. It just gives you so many more options. :sunglasses:

Well that’s good to hear.
Yeah I agree with what you are saying about having the motion sensor separate for creative placement and positioning. But I guess I am just a battery-phobe or something. I made a concession on installing the Schlage Camelot locks which are battery operated, (even after reading some people complaining about how they devoured batteries). I guess I just want to setup my devices and not worry about them in the future.

Also I think from an efficiency standpoint its really cool to have several functionalities combined into one place, if you have a small house or budget, getting these 2 in 1 dealies or even 3-1 things makes a lot of sense. Its too bad that the reviews on the Camera/Smoke Detector combos on Amazon are not so good. Wouldn’t it be great to have a unit that takes the place of a smoke detector that had all that stuff in it? Why not throw in audio and motion sensing while you are at it, and temp. sensor etc.

I completely understand the battery issues. I’m quadriparetic with limited hand control, so I have to get someone else to change the batteries.

There are also mains-powered motion sensors if you prefer those. But of course they do limit placement to where you have an outlet.

Its coming!

Announced at CES: Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Motion Switch / Dimmer


Awesome sauce

Anyone seen these Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Motion Switch / Dimmers yet?

They’ve been assigned a model number, GE 26933, but they haven’t yet been certified by the Z wave alliance and they’re not available on the manufacturer site. There’s just a placeholder page there.