Plug in Temperature Sensor

Anyone know of a Zwave or Zigbee temperature sensor that you can plug into a wall outlet? Acting as a repeater would be cool too.

Homeseer HSM200 Is a plug-in multisensor and multicolor night light. Zwave repeater. Has a temperature and motion sensor. Makes a nice indicator light with the six or seven different colors. Quite a few community members have used it.

Newest AEotec multi sensor can be powered via USB cord and includes temperature, motion and lux sensing. It will act as a Z wave repeater if you have it running off of Mains power at the time that you add it to your network.

There are a couple of others, but I think those two are the most popular. :sunglasses:

Thanks JD. I’ll check those out.

Do you know of a wired motion sensor that has a built in temperature probe? Maybe the temp probe would be zwave? Probably doesn’t exist.

I have Konnected alarm panels so I’m looking for solutions for my detached garage.

I ran low voltage wires years ago just sitting in the attic. I only have 1 strand of 4 wire, the rest are 2 wire. Looking for ways to get motion and temperature. Doors are already done.

I know of networked devices which can accept a temperature probe, but none which also have a motion sensor. Usually they are on/off switches of some kind, typically used for freezer or brewing controls, or for horticulture.