HomeSeer HSM200 Support


I’ve bashed together rudimentary support for the HomeSeer HSM200. At the moment, I’ve got motion detection, relative luminance level (which seems useless), and temperature reporting. Oh, and you can toggle the LED as a switch.

What I don’t have working is color support. Amusingly, this is why I bought the thing… I am planning to use it as a status nightlight.

Here’s what I have so far:

I have cargo-culted what seems like the correct incantations to enable color picking, but it doesn’t work. I get a color wheel in the app, but after choosing a color I get nothing in the log, which says to me that something’s not wired up correctly. Does anyone have any insight into what I’m doing wrong?

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Hmm. Very strange. After leaving it alone for a while, I came back to this and now my setColor() function is being called when I choose a color in the app. OK… I’ll share an updated gist once I have things working.

Man, something is flaky as all hell. Now the color picker isn’t doing anything again. It was kinda working.

Before it crapped out again, I’d fumbled my way into getting the various LEDs to flicker different colors using zwave.colorControlV1.startCapabilityLevelChange(), but I can’t get them to stay on solid. Progress, I guess?

Updated gist:

Thanks for working on this! I’m also interested in this device. Good luck.

Poked at it some more today. I think the reason that the color picker stopped working was that I accidentally reverted to an older version of the device that had bad metadata.

The latest version (in the gist) is back to making the colors flicker, but that’s as far as I can get. It seems as if the color control class is either not completely documented or not completely implemented.

What’s the deal, ST devs? Any input?

I’m working with Michael to get a fully working ST Device Type at:

Watch for updates…
I have more questions on writing Groovy if you can help…

@mjmac hey were you able to get the color change working? I am interested in this as well. Thanks.

I have submitted a release that works and lets you set the color of the LED too.
You can publish this for yourself and it works well though needs more testing.

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The manual for the HSM200 (aka EZmultiPli) can be found here:

A classic use of the HSM200 Color led is to plug it into your kitchen or bedroom and then the color shows which of your garage doors are open or if a door is unlocked.

I’m looking into purchasing this for several reasons an it seems @DrZWave has it working to the degree I am interested. To confirm…
I’d like to use this as a basic nightlight and then, using the smart light app, trigger this to change color based on motion + mode (real world example: I walk towards my door, it glows red, I realize my alarm is armed and turn it off before waking the kid. Or it’s green bc the alarm is off). Also, IFTT integration to reflect the weather might be a neat party trick too.

Can someone who owns this device speak to the potential of this scenario working (before I purchase)?

Ok, so I ended up purchasing the HSM200 and installing @DrZWave 's device type. I added the device to my hub, changed the device type, and can control the LED (with all 7 colors) with the app.

Now I am interested in integrating this with something like the Smart Lighting app so I can activate a color based on motion/mode.

I’ve been doing a ton of reading, but am not at the level to be able to modify a template to integrate the color options. The LED allows only for on/off of white/red/green/blue, and combines them for the other colors. This is different than how, for example, the Hue devices handle colors. So if the proper code for turning on/off the 4 LEDs could be integrated into the Hue template, I think that custom SmartApp would work.

I’ve started a new topic for you in the “writing device types” section of the forum. Hopefully some of the developers will be able to help.

The device type works fine to set to the basic 8 colors (combinations of RGB). That is all this device is capable of.
It is meant as an indicator and not infinite color choices.

The smart lighting app is able to set any of the 8 colors as-is with the code above without any changes.

For example, to turn the LED green at sunset, choose Smaer Lithgitng app, then Which Lights to control pick the HSM200, then for What Do You Want To Do? choose Turn On & Set Color. Be sure the dimmer level is 100%. and select the desired color. Then choose the trigger which in this example is sunset.

I would like to know how to set the color based on the weather forecast but that is not a choice in the current Smart Lighting App. How would one do that?

Hm, I have been unable to turn on and set color with the smart lighting app. I’ll keep trying though.
I’d be interested in the weather idea as well.

Have you gone through the steps mentioned by @DrZWave and it just doesn’t work, or are you not able to select the HSM200 in the Smart Lighting app? Are you using IOS or Android?

Yes, I followed @DrZWave’s device type. I can set all of the colors from the app on my phone, and it reports the temp/motion. For whatever reason, when I try using the device in a SmartApp, it doesn’t work.
For example, I’d like the LED light to turn on blue when I walk by (motion) only if my mode is ‘Home’

Seems doable with the smart lighting app, yet it just doesn’t respond. It shows up in the lighting app and I can select a (supported) color and make sure the brightness is 100%. I have removed and re-added 4 times. The fact that he has it working with the apps is very encouraging to me!

I’m using the android app.

Ah ha!

I believe the problem is specific to the smart lights smartapp. SmartThings doesn’t actually have a universal protocol yet for changing color. So I think the one in that particular smart app is using the zigbee base commands that would be used for a Hue bukb. That’s not going to work with a Zwave color switch. It’s likely it wouldn’t work with the aeon RGBW bulb either.

So it sounds like your issue may not be with the device type, but rather with the smart app.

Yet according to @DrZWave:
"The smart lighting app is able to set any of the 8 colors as-is with the code above without any changes."
Which is exactly what I need!

Weird, then. Are the two of you talking about the same smartapp? There are several with similar names.

Yes, I see exactly what he is talking about with the options described. I have a v2 hub in case that makes a difference (though I doubt it)
Interestingly, I can set any color by going to the device in my SmartThings app, but then when I try to set any color with a trigger from a Smart Lighting SmartApp, the trigger (whether linked to motion or switch) turns OFF whatever color the LED previously was