EZMultiPli/HSM200 Z-Wave Plug-in Multi-Sensor with Color LED now supported

I just submitted the Device Type for the Express Controls EZMultiPli (aka HomeSeer HSM200).
This sensor does motion, temperature, light level and has a color indicator LED that is great for displaying the status of your garage doors or if it’s going to rain.

How long does it take to get fully published???

@duncan - I need support for the Color Control State Set command.
Currently the doc says:

State Set Command
class physicalgraph.zwave.commands.colorcontrolv1.StateSet 
String format()

But the PAYLOAD needs to be a list of data pairs which are the colorID and then the ColorValue instead of a list.
I wasn’t able to figure out how to get this command to work but maybe I am missing something…


I’ve started work to make ColorControl usable it but it’s been delayed by other priorities. I don’t have a good estimate on when it will be available.

I like this! I’ve been looking for a simple color indicator for a while thats not as expensive as a Hue. (How is it not as expensive? because it’s got all those other sensor which I would be buying anyway.)

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Is there a method to set the color or understand what the colors are in the DH to manually set one?