Need help for color Zwave device type Homeseer HMS200

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This is a Zwave device, not Zigbee like the Hues, so the approach is different. The closest thing there is is probably the Aeon lightbulb. Or the Fibaro RGBW controller. Hopefully some of the coders will be able to make suggestions. (I rely on speech to text and can’t read the actual code. )

Uses the Color Switch Command Class to control the color of the LED.

Thanks for directing this to the proper location. It seems like this is very doable by someone with a bit of skill.
The device type is here: Link
And the owner’s manual with command class info is here: Link

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@twack would probably know. :sunglasses:

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I don’t think @wackware is active anymore? I can’t seem to click on the name to retrieve any account info. Seems like they made some quality contributions to the forum though. That’s a shame.

@JDRoberts, do you know of any z-wave SmartApp templates that I may be able to learn from and modify based on my (albeit limited) understanding of the device type?

It’s a color switch, so I would look at the Aeon bulb. Talk to the folks in the following two threads, they should have both code and ideas.


Thanks so much! Looks like I have some more reading to do!
Really appreciate the (very prompt) replies!

My template lets you choose any of the 8 colors supported by the HSM200. No new code required there.

See the previous discussion for more details.