HomeSeer HS-WD100+ Z-Wave Plus Dimmer not found by SmartThings

Hi, I just received my smartthings 2nd gen hub and trying to add Things to it. It found my motion detector and the multipurpose sensor but how do I get it to find my HomeSeer HS-WD100+ Dimmer? When I go to add things, Lights & Switches, Switches & Dimmers I do not see HomeSeer in the list. Is there another way to make my dimmer visible to SmartThings?

I only have the dimmer. Is it necessary to have some sort of HomeSeer hub as well?

Just go into the generic ‘Start looking for things’ button in the Marketplace and turn on/off the switch. SmartThings should be able to find it as a generic Z-Wave device.

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thank you! Worked like a charm!


I have the same issue, but tapping the homeseer HS-WD100+ buttons on or off makes no difference. It is not detected by the SmartThings v2 hub.

Anyone else know of any other possible remedies?

I am having the same problem here. I just purchased one of the new SmartThings 2018 Hubs (v3) and it’s unable to detect my HomeSeer WD100+ Dimmer.

I’m not sure the advice from @blebson is still relevant – I am not able to find any ‘Start looking for things’ button, or even the ‘Marketplace’ for that matter. I have already tried doing the manual reset on the HomeSeer switch (on // 3 up // 3 down // off) but that hasn’t worked. I’ve also added the WD100+ Device Handler (the one by DarwinsDen) to my web console.

From what I can tell, the latest version of the App doesn’t really have a button to force it to look for generic devices. When I go to “Add a Device” it spins and says it’s looking for devices, but the green light on the front of my Hub v3 doesn’t blink like when I’ve selected a specific device to look for. Further, because I can’t select to “look for a HomeSeer Dimmer” I can’t get it to blink/attempt to look.

I’m feeling like I’m going crazy here – these are the first dimmers I’ve found that don’t make my lights flicker, and now I can’t get them paired with my Hub!! Is this an issue with the Hub v3? Latest version of the App? any help would be greatly appreciated…

@TrueJedi I’m seeing the same. Did you ever solve your issue?

Just figured this out, I needed to do a reset. The reset instructions are a little vague, they don’t really tell you how quickly you need to complete the procedure! You need to do the 3 up taps and 3 down taps in <1 second - so as fast as you can. Using 2 hands helps.

Sorry for the late reply on this – I ended up getting it solved eventually as well, see this post: [RELEASE] HomeSeer Dimmer and Switch (HS-WD100+ / HS-WS100+) Device Handlers