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HomeSeer HS-WD100+ Z-Wave Plus Dimmer not found by SmartThings

(Cameron) #1

Hi, I just received my smartthings 2nd gen hub and trying to add Things to it. It found my motion detector and the multipurpose sensor but how do I get it to find my HomeSeer HS-WD100+ Dimmer? When I go to add things, Lights & Switches, Switches & Dimmers I do not see HomeSeer in the list. Is there another way to make my dimmer visible to SmartThings?

I only have the dimmer. Is it necessary to have some sort of HomeSeer hub as well?

(Ben Lebson) #2

Just go into the generic ‘Start looking for things’ button in the Marketplace and turn on/off the switch. SmartThings should be able to find it as a generic Z-Wave device.

(Cameron) #3

thank you! Worked like a charm!

(Don Nems) #4

I have the same issue, but tapping the homeseer HS-WD100+ buttons on or off makes no difference. It is not detected by the SmartThings v2 hub.

Anyone else know of any other possible remedies?


I am having the same problem here. I just purchased one of the new SmartThings 2018 Hubs (v3) and it’s unable to detect my HomeSeer WD100+ Dimmer.

I’m not sure the advice from @blebson is still relevant – I am not able to find any ‘Start looking for things’ button, or even the ‘Marketplace’ for that matter. I have already tried doing the manual reset on the HomeSeer switch (on // 3 up // 3 down // off) but that hasn’t worked. I’ve also added the WD100+ Device Handler (the one by DarwinsDen) to my web console.

From what I can tell, the latest version of the App doesn’t really have a button to force it to look for generic devices. When I go to “Add a Device” it spins and says it’s looking for devices, but the green light on the front of my Hub v3 doesn’t blink like when I’ve selected a specific device to look for. Further, because I can’t select to “look for a HomeSeer Dimmer” I can’t get it to blink/attempt to look.

I’m feeling like I’m going crazy here – these are the first dimmers I’ve found that don’t make my lights flicker, and now I can’t get them paired with my Hub!! Is this an issue with the Hub v3? Latest version of the App? any help would be greatly appreciated…


@TrueJedi I’m seeing the same. Did you ever solve your issue?


Just figured this out, I needed to do a reset. The reset instructions are a little vague, they don’t really tell you how quickly you need to complete the procedure! You need to do the 3 up taps and 3 down taps in <1 second - so as fast as you can. Using 2 hands helps.


Sorry for the late reply on this – I ended up getting it solved eventually as well, see this post: [RELEASE] HomeSeer Dimmer and Switch (HS-WD100+ / HS-WS100+) Device Handlers