HomeSeer HS-WD100+ Firmware

I ordered a few homeseer HS-WD100+ dimmers and one of them didn’t recognize any double or triple taps, I emailed homeseer for an exchange and the agent wants me to try a firmware update first.

Is there anyway to do this with smartthings?

Not at the moment. There is no device firmware update with SmartThings. You need the Homeseer controller or exchange the switch.

Thanks, I didn’t think so but I figured I’d check before I told them I tried and it didn’t work :wink:

Wow, that is quite unfortunate that it is unable to update firmware with SmartThings alone… seems like it shouldn’t be that complicated to do… any chance this will be possible in the near future??

They’ve mentioned over the air firmware updates as something they would like to do eventually, but there’s no current timeline for it.

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Well with OTA updates being hyped as one of the latest greatest features of z-wave 500 series, I’d like to think that supporting all the features of the latest version of z-wave would be desirable for marketability purposes in the least. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

SmartThings tries pretty hard to keep the individual protocols invisible to the typical customer. I’d bet a hundred virtual dollars that typical customer has no idea there’s any difference between Z wave and zigbee, let alone between generations of Zwave. :wink:

Lol yea that’s a good point. I guess I was speaking for myself… A person spending many hours a day here researching up on what many would consider a snoozefest but I consider exciting. :wink:

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Does anyone here know if you have to exclude the dimmers from ST and pair them with HomeSeer in order to update the firmware? I’ve got a handful of these need the update, and I wouldn’t mind shelling out the $40 for the SmartStick so long as I didn’t have to remove all my automations surrounding the switches to upgrade it.

I was thinking about doing this also, I haven’t bought a Smartsrick yet, and I have 2 more switches to install so I was thinking I could replace the switch with another and update firmware then do the replace again, if you’ve already installed all your switches I guess you could do this by removing just one switch from SmartThings and use it to replace others while you update firmware, then add it back and just put back the automations for the one switch.

Is there anyway to update the firmware on these switches through SmartThings hub?

Unfortunately, not at the moment.

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Homeseer recently came out with this software, I have no experience with it, just providing the info.

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Is this the same thing? I don’t see any mention of the software. $80 seems a little steep. I’ll pay it if I have to but i would rather not.

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I was afraid someone might say that. I hadn’t seen a recent post about this so i thought i would double check. Thanks for the info!

The price is the stick and the software, apparently you don’t have to remove the device from smartthings with this software and can update the firmware that way. If you just buy the stick you can use the HS3 software they offer (30 day trial) but you have to remove the device from smartthings first.

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Thank you for the clarification. I am new at this and I have fallen down the rabbit hole of all things smart home. I have a pretty good idea of what i want to proceed with in each category light switches, door locks and so on. i just want to make sure i am able to use everything to its full potential. Appreciate the help!

I’m back with more questions :wink:
I installed these dimmers and i have to admit i am a little disappointed with the lowest dim level.

  1. Is there anything available from the Smartthings community to solve this issue?
  2. Is it possible for Homeseer to correct this via a firmware update?

All feedback is appreciated!

Recently put HS dimmers/switches in my home, and I’m seeing some outdated and/or incorrect information posted here, so thought I’d provide an update…

If you don’t have a HomeSeer controller, you do need a zwave interface, and their ZFlash software to update firmware. You CAN flash devices without excluding (removing) them from SmartThings first. They have a guide to do this here:

They currently have a special that gets you a ZFlash license for free, if you order 250$ or more from their store… and I’ve used it, it was simple.

Possible, yes… and I know they’ve made some changes in the past few firmware versions… I don’t have a changelog. I can only suggest calling their support and asking them for a list of changes they’ve made in recent firmware versions. I’m confident they would provide that.

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Can anyone verify if you need the HS3 software to run a secondary controller update with z-flash?
I’m getting conflicting information on the webpage. The description mentions that all I need is the z-flash and homeseer z-flash software. But the video mentions that I need the HS3 package as well (an added $200 cost is you want to have it long term).