WD100? vs ZW-WD100?

Hi i currently have a homeseer wd100 and im looking to buy more
However i stumble across this:


How does this compare against:

its 20$ difference

Any thoughts?

I would write the retailer and ask. As far as I know there’s only one homeseer dimmer model. They may have given it a new SKU so they can sell it at the sale price. Some retailers will do that so they can limit the inventory at the sale price and not leave it on backorder.

Thanks, so here is the answer from them, ill post it here for those who might be interested in those:

They are from the same factory but branded under their own brands. The homeseer version has their firmware on it and extra features that ONLY work with Homeseer controllers.

Both should technically work with SmartThings as a generic device. I don’t know for sure if either one will be recognized by its brand.