Homeseer HS100+ Firmware

I have 2 HS100+ switches. I updated the firmware one to 5.19. The other (brand new one) has firmware 50.3 on it and cannot be updated to 5.19. The 50.3 firmware does not behave at all as I would expect. What is up with the discrepancy and is there a way to fix it? Should I be using a different device handler with 50.3 firmware?

@tgauchat - FYI HomeSeer makes switches and stuff and provides DH’s for SmartThings also.

The firmware release was a typo. It was announced on the HomeSeer forums however problems weren’t recognized on HomeSeer. I’m guessing because there’s no DH involved. In the DH you have you may have to find/edit to see if there’s a firmware check. Otherwise you can send an email or call HomeSeer support to find out. I don’t know if you can downrev the firmwarde from SmartThings or not.


Maybe instead you should Google what is actually compatible with SmartThings before you go all internet idiot on people that actually know what they are talking about?

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What do you mean find/edit? Should I maybe just return this switch instead? I need double tap where this switch is now. Should I consider this switch faulty?

The HomeSeer switches are probably not the best option for SmartThings. However they are one of two that I’m aware of that support Scene Controller functionality that do work with SmartThings. The other switches that support this are the Inovelli and they claim to “only” work with SmartThings so they may have better support.

As for the find/edit the DH’s are just groovy code/text so you can edit them and then save them. I would first contact HomeSeer support to see if there’s an “easy” solution. If not then return them and try your luck with Inovelli.

But with Darwin’s device controller and ABC smart app they work great, no complaints at all. I mostly just need to know what to do about this stupid firmware that looks like it just doesn’t belong at all… Like it was loaded to a batch by mistake. It’s not even HomeSeer firmware

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The Homeseer switches are quite popular in the community, a number of people have them and like them. :sunglasses:


The typo was a mistake. HomeSeer has said it will be fixed in the next release.

And yes to @JDRoberts point they are really nice switches. I’m planning on adding several of the WD-200+ soon.

Edit: See I read too much into your posting of thinking the firmware flash went badly and I was thinking you were having a problem.