Home Monitor Set Responses not working


Hope someone can help with this. Over the last month or so I have noticed that when an intrusion is detected by STHM I get a push notification on my phone but none of the other responses are being triggered that I have programmed.

That is, my siren is not activating, the lights that I have selected to turn on are not turning on.

Anybody know what could be wrong?

  • which hub do you have?
  • have you tested leaks or smoke (if being used)?
  • brand/model of sirens/bulbs?
  • what country are you in?
  • SMS is not working as well if being used?

first two thoughts:

  • uninstall/reinstall STHM (which will require you to set it up again - not fun! but if parts of it are not working… so you might consider this path.
  • contact ST support

Running a ST V3 Hub.
No leak or smoke sensors are being used.
The siren is set up through Konnected and lights are activated via DIY ZigBee smart switches.
Siren and lights work fine when triggered manually via the ST app.
Location: Australia
Have not setup SMS notifications.

I have already tried uninstalling STHM and setting it up again. The problem remains.

Will contact support, thanks.

Scratch out SMS as it does not work outside US.

After those details you provided, I would not recommend uninstalling/reinstalling STHM at this point.

Contact Konnected support first to see if they can offer any details or fixes for the Siren. tagging @heythisisnate

Here is a thread on Konnected after groovy: https://community.smartthings.com/t/konnected-io-after-groovy/251750

Here is the Konnected Community Forum and Konnected Support

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I don’t believe it is a Konnected problem.

Even when Konnected is removed from my ST account the problem persists.

With STHM, my lights should at least turn on when an intrusion is detected but they are not.