Konnected.io Sensors not triggering STHM alarm (JAN 2023)

Not sure when this started happening but my guess is last couple of months in the switch over to Edge.

I use Konnected.io for monitoring my hard-wired alarm sensors. Was working great when I first set it up several years ago. Wife was happy.

Recently I noticed that the Konnected sensors are not triggering the Home Monitor alarm when the change state while the system is armed.

I can arm the system (away or stay) and open the kitchen door and I can see in Home Monitor that the door has opened, but no alarm. If I trigger a contact sensor (St or aoetec), the the alarm is triggered.

Does Home Monitor work with cloud based sensors any more?

Semi-related issue. I did have an issue last summer where a EcoLink water leak sensor did not trigger the alarm either. While testing, I could see that the EcoLink was showing wet, but not alarm. My ST/Aeotec leak sensors were triggering the alarm correctly. The EcoLink sensors are clould based in the Groovy configuration as well if I remember. I ended switching all of the EcoLink sensors out with Aeotec because of this issue becuase I did not want to take the risk.

Should the alarm trigger on the Konnected sensor status change?
Or do I need to switch out and use something like the Ecobee with the external contact feature to replace Konnected?

Did you ever switch your Konnected boards to Konnected Cloud in the Konnected app? I have had no issues with devices on my 2 Konnected boards that are connected using Konnected cloud.

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Yep. Using Konnected Cloud devices.
Updated the firmware last night.

As I mentioned, I can see the status changes for Konnected devices in the Smartthings app and the Home Monitor, just no alarm when armed

And you have checked STHM to confirm those devices are still being monitored by the system for each mode?

Correct. I can arm the system, keep STHM sensor list open, open the kitchen door and see the status change

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There’s no reason that I know of that would prevent cloud-bases sensors from triggering STHM. It’s worked fine for years and still works post-Groovy.
My guess is that you may have duplicate sensors that are named the same, and STHM is monitoring the wrong ones.
Go to Settings > Linked Services > Konnected. Are duplicates showing up in the list of sensors imported from Konnected?

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No duplicates in the list.

If I unlink and reconnect, that is going to mess up all of my routines, correct?

Yes it will mess up all of your automations using those sensors. I wouldn’t recommend doing that.

Check your response time–the “delay before alert” and the “delay time” in STHM settings. I had a similar issue recently where I was testing some rules out on SharpTools (moving them from Webcore) and it wasn’t triggering…I was going mad. I don’t know if I just had it setup wrong in the past (likely), but the “delay time” will completely ignore any contact or motion or whatever state change during that time–thus not triggering.

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I checked those settings. Actually forgot they were there. Have not changed those in years.
Delay time was set to None
Delay before alert was set to 15 sec (also set to none for testing)

no changes in triggering.
Even with delay before alert set, if I remember correctly, my phone would still notify, it would just delay the sirens, giving me 15 secs to disarm before the sirens started.

And if I trigger a battery contact sensor, STHM works as expected. That is how I actually discovered this issue a couple of weeks back. Went out garage door thinking the kids had already disarmed the system that morning, and replaced a battery in the garage window, and the alarm triggered. Then realized the doors and Konnected windows were not triggering.

After reading this I decided it would be prudent to make sure my system is actually working properly. All my motion sensors and door contact sensors are hard wired through Konnected.
I went into ST Home Monitor settings, clicked on Security and then clicked on Set up Armed and Away sensors. There were some Konected sensors that were not setup for monitoring. I do not remember if I turned them off myself to be safe during transition or something else happened. I added the sensors back in and everything tested fine. Konnected Motion and/or Contact sensors trigger a response properly. One thing I find odd and cannot explain. I only have delay options of 30 second or 1 minute. There is no option for 15 second delay. I am running STHM ver

Sorry, I now see the 15 second delay time in “delay before alert” on the siren.
I was referring to “Response delay” which is 30 seconds or 1 minute

Response Delay Time was set to none and I have never changed that.
As I mentioned, it is only the Konnected (and the Ecobee waterleak) sensors that are not triggering the alarm. The battery contact sensors are triggering as expected.

At this point, I figure I am going to have to either unlink Konnected and reset all of my routines. Or reset/delete STHM and rebuild. I am not sure which is the easier rebuild at this point.
I spent several hours in the last few weeks documenting my setup/automations for just this case.

I show the same version.

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It sounds like you’ve tried everything…one more question…when you go into the “view sensors” in STHM setup, do the devices show a change in state when you open or close or whatever to them?

He has indicated above he is able to see them change state while viewing the sensors in STHM.

Whoops…I missed that. I thought he was checking them in just the device list. Nevermind!

One last question…

(this may be completely irrelevant, but it has been tripping up quite a few people this week, so I did want to mention it.)

One of the things that was lost when the hosting ended for custom smartapps, which was shut down about a week ago, was the “custom monitors” which used to look like it was part of smartthings home monitor but was actually considered an unofficial feature leftover from the legacy SHM system (when there was the classic version of the smartthings app).

Again, I don’t know if it applies at all here, but there are a number of people who stopped getting notifications because they lost the custom monitors and didn’t realize it. :thinking: