Home Monitor - server error

Hello all,
I use the new ST App. all of my devices, automations and routines work as expected; however, I recently started experiencing an error with the Smartthings Home Monitor / server error, so I am unable to arm the system. Anybody having the same issue? thanks

If you force quit the ST app and reopen it - does the STHM load or continue giving the server error?

Hi, continue giving me the same error. “Server error” tk

Report it to ST support. Not sure if you want to do this but if you want to try… you can remove STHM and reinstall it. Then of course, you would need to set it up again so may be best to go through ST support first .

I was getting the same thing … but then I noticed there was a “refresh” button where the STHM was. When I hit that it would reload and work. I had to do this every time I opened the app, then a few days later it just started working correctly.

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I clicked on the “refresh” key as well, but still not loading… thanks

This happens every time I open the new app, the refresh works for me but it is annoying. I’ve reinstalled the smart app and rebooted the hub and it still occurs.
It only started to happen in the last month or so, I think it a problem with the mobile app.

Android 10 user.

I still have the issue. I opened a ticket with ST, however is still under investigation.