Clicking Smart Home Monitor under Automation/SmartApps in Classic app shows an error

When I go to Automation / SmartApps then click Smart Home Monitor in the Classic app the screen comes up “Something’s Wrong We can’t load your screen right now. Retry”
I have two hubs / two locations, it’s the same for both. Yet Smart Home Monitor is working fine under Dashboard / Home Solutions.
Did all the easy stuff, removed the app from all devices, reinstalled, no change.
I do have support looking at the problem right now…
Anyone else have this happening?

I believe the Smart Home Monitor in Automation : SmartApps is actually a link that is created when you install SmartThings Home Monitor in the new app.

OK thanks. But why show an error when I click it ?

That I can not answer. When I click on mine, it loads the page for the SmartThings Home Monitor that I would see in the new app. Does it load in the new app?

No problems in the new app, works OK and no error messages.

In the classic app it is working fine under Dashboard / Home Solutions I can make any changes I need to. But again when I go to Automation / SmartApps and click Smart Home Monitor it just gives the error screen. You would expect to see a screen that at minimum would give you the big red bar that says REMOVE and maybe some other settings? I forget what use to be in there.

I have the same issue that you’re having.

Hi Eric
Thank you. Sure if its set up and everything is running is there a real need to click that, no. But it shouldn’t be broke.

I experimented last night with one of my two hubs. Deleted all Smart Home Monitor components using IDE. Even after doing that It still showed in Automation/SmartApps and still threw the error. Then reinstalled Smart Home Monitor from MarketPlace/SmartApps. Now that hub mostly shows status of unconfigured under Dashboard/Home Solutions. Only if you toggle around in Home Solutions will it eventually turn to Everything OK.

Keep in mind that SMH in the new v3 app is completely separate from (and has different features than) the SMH in classic app.

Support got back to me.
They explained the instance of Smart Home Monitor showing in the classic app under Automation / SmartApps is a placeholder of the Smart Home Monitor from the new app. That is not in reference to the Smart Home Monitor on the Dashboard of the classic app itself. Its just letting you know that the other Smart Home Monitor exists in the new app.

So I completely deleted the Smart Home Monitor in the new app, and that then disappeared from Automation / SmartApps in the classic app.

Make sense?

Does not.
I have the same issue. Just got a second hub for another location, and I cannot get much to work:
In the new app, SHM does not accept creating new codes
In the classic app, cannot access the new hub SHM (but can access everything else!)

SHM (Smart Home Monitor) in the classic app and STHM (SmartThings Home Monitor) in the new V3 app are two completely separate programs. They do not talk to each other and what you do in one, will not appear in the other. You have to use classic to setup and control SHM and you have to use the new V3 app to setup and control STHM.

Does this help with what your experiencing?

Yes, I know and no, that does not help.
Right now, in the new app, with a new V3 hub and a kwikset lock, I cannot add any code. Always get a system error: Something went wrong…"

You will probably get more help if you start a new thread that pertains to your problem with the lock accepting codes.

This thread is about smart home monitor and smartthings home monitor.

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