Home Life ENERGY not connecting (iOS ST app)

Please… is there any problem with Energy in Home Life?

Since this week I lost every data and when I select it in Life (ST app for iOS) it shows an error message only: “It was not possible to connect to Smartthings Energy. Try again later.”

My Energy was receiving data from 2 Samsung ST compatible ACs, and 4 Zigbee outlets.
The only modification last week were outlets changed from Groovy to Edge driver.
Could Edge drivers make Energy stop working?

I tried to delete every outlet, and nothing changed. I tried to delete and reinstall Energy, and still bad. I tried to delete ST app and reinstall, and still not working.

I tried to access using my.smartthings web interface, but I had a message in korean, and after select “conclude” and “close”, the korean message appears in looping. Something similar happened in web interface for AccuWeather and ST Home Monitor.

Does anybody has an idea? Thanks.

It was working again 2 days after I created this topic.
No idea what happened.