Help i can not find the utility tab in the new ST app!

Hello , How do i find the utilities tab in the new smartthings app . I can not locate it no matter where i look and the old app will no longer let me on it !!

Its on the three dot menu inside the detail view of your hub device.

I have looked and its not there .

Do you have a v1 hub? If so the only way to get to it is in the IDE.

Im new to ST , I have the 3 puck wifi mesh system .

just checking, if you go to menu > devices > click on your hub > 3 dots in the upper right of the screen > z-wave utilities?

I have tried but the utility tab is missing .

Should i just uninstall the app and reinstall it ?? But i do not want to have to redo all my stuff …

worth a shot to try

I was using the old app to do exclusion and repair but the old app locked me out today …

I do not know what IDE is ?

menu > hubs > view utilities

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Check under my hubs. Scroll down about halfway.

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sorry for stepping in :slight_smile:

Ok Thank you .

Ok Thank you much.

You guys are awesome !!

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Nope its good info. Im still curious why OP cant find the utilities… The ide is only a workaround, really. But I dont ha e that particular hub so Im afraid i font know what its supposed to look like for that particular device. Maybe someone with one can assist.

In the smartthings app open the hub and wait untill all the devices show app bellow. Only then the 3 dots menu appears. Then tap on the 3 dots and the z-wave utilities

I’m not the OP but out of curiosity I opened the app on my phone and also do not see utilities in the three dot menu. I have the original Hub.