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Z-wave repair - new app

Is it still ok to use z-wave repair on the old classic app. I’ve been using the new app exclusively until now and don’t want to break anything. Odd that repair does not seem to be an option in the new app now.

in the new app, tap your hub and its in the upper right menu under z-wave utilities. Doesn’t matter which app you run it from since the repair itself is done at the hub level.


Hi Jimmy
I cannnot find z-wave utilities in the new app… any more details on where to find it?

Hi Dave
I normally do repair from the IDE webpage anyway


  • click on the three bars in the upper left of the screen
  • choose Devices
  • locate your hub in the device list and click on it
  • from the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen, select Z-Wave Utilities

Found the option - many thanks.

Thank you jkp.
Very interesting. My hub itself does not appear in my device list. No wonder I could not find zwave repair.
Is there anyone else out there for which the hub itself it not in the device list?

Are your other devices there? Which hub do you have?

Yes everything else is there and otherwise seems to work fine… V2 hub