Couple questions about the new app

I am trying to see the history of all my devices… and it’s blank. I can see history for each individual device, but the history section for all has no events, and everything is selected.

Also, is there a way to get to the Device Exclusion tool easily? right now I have to go to devices, search for my hub (I have 100+ devices), wait for the menu to load all 100+ devices, then go to the settings and ZWave tools. It literally takes 30-60 seconds to do this.

That wait on the hub details page before the menu becomes available is really annoying. It is not as if you can do anything with the list of devices anyway.

Rather than using the app, I’d be tempted to go the IDE, then My Hubs, choose hub name, View Utilities, and then bookmark the URL for next time.


What is that new IDE site? My hub is not there, but when I log into the old ST IDE, everything is available.

What new IDE site? is still the same old ST IDE, albeit with the occasional odd tweak here or there (I am now seeing an export button on device handlers some of the time).

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When there have you found any advantage in using the exclusion from SmartThings?

I’ve tried to exclude a good few devices with the new app over the last week, and each time the app times out and says the exclusion’s failed, even when it’s succeeded. I’m then stuck with an unuseable/offline device in the app, which even deletion from the API’s list doesn’t clear.

I’ve now given up even trying to exclude “tidily” with the new app, and do a force remove with the system I’m migrating to. :man_shrugging: