Device Exclusions 2020 app

Where can i go in the new app to do a device exclusion that is not responding.

They now call it “delete” if it’s a specific device exclusion.

Those directions do not appear to match the latest version of the app - neither more options or Z-wave utilities seem to be there. I have had to go to the IDE and use the hub Z-wave utilities there.

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I just stepped thru the instructions for the “Removing and excluding a device that is already connected” case and found them to be accurate.

Did the same for the “Excluding a device that is not yet connected to SmartThings” case and again found the instructions to be accurate. It did take a few seconds after selecting the hub in step 2 before the three-dots (More Options) appeared on screen.

Hub v2

which hub do you have? the utilities do not show for those with v1 hubs. If you do have the v1 hub, you would need to use IDE


I do not have z wave exclusions either

I am version 3 hub so this feature is missing from the new app

From the image posted, you are in the wrong location for the z-wave utilities. You are partially there :slight_smile:

Go to menu > devices > find your hub and open it > click 3 dots in the upper right of the screen > select z-wave utilities


Did that and also went to menu - all devices and does show not show z-wave utilities

That screen shot was from a V1 hub, which explains the difference. It’s another feature that is missing from the new app, at least for those of us who still have V1s in service.

This was timely, so thanks - I’m about to replace this hub with a V3, so I’ll need to do the device exclusions from the IDE.

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I’m confused with the “find your hub” part. My SmartThings hub is supposed to be in the list of my devices connected to SmartThings?!?!

I’ve got a v2 Hub.

your v2 hub should appear in menu > devices or on your dashboard. if it does not appear, you should contact ST support

Where on the dashboard?

in whatever room you assigned it to… unless you have it marked as hidden. by default i believe, they should be unhidden.

note to everyone: it is recommended that you assign your hubs to a room.

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  1. Tap the three horizontal line “menu“ icon in the upper left:

2.Then choose “devices“ on the pop-up menu.



Well ain’t that something! Never new it was assigned to a room and in my case, it’s in Automations. Much easier to get to it this way. I moved Automations up to the top on my Dashboard. Let’s see how long it sticks.

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if your v2 hub is not showing, you will need to contact ST support.

Currently on the phone and I’m getting the classic, have you uninstalled/reinstalled? Have you restarted the hub? Etc …

Is there a specific escalation level of tech support I need ask for?

ask that the ticket be raised to a higher level of support. be persistent.

uninstalling/reinstalling or rebooting hub will not resolve the issue.

or perhaps, @Brad_ST will offer to assist

So because I’m Canadian she immediately dropped me and said she needs to forward me to Canadian support.

Went through the explanation again, referred to original ticket, I asked them to escalate and now I’m told to wait 2-3 business days for result of escalation.