New App how the heck do I do zwave exlude or zwave repair

The Classic had the options. Now in the new app there doesn’t seem to be any option to either exclude or repair options anymore. I urgently need to exclude something and re-insert it back.

instructions are in the following article

Z-Wave Repair and Exclusion (new app):
Hamburger Menu (upper left) > Devices > (find/tap your hub name) > 3 vertical dots (upper right) > Z-Wave Utilities.


The 3 dots in devices open below in my iphone Edit / Delete / Sort By.

NOW I FIGURED IT OUT - I have to go into the HUB itself. Got it, thanks!!

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This is so freaking buried. I would have never figured that out. :man_facepalming:t5:



oh it gets even more annoying when you have 300 devices and have to wait for them to load before the 3 dots on the top right show up. PFFT


Just getting a spinning icon on “connected devices” and nothing is coming up. Do I just need to do the exclude from the IDE?
Problem is that I already deleted the device I need to exclude from my app - but I guess that doesn’t matter when nothing comes up anyway. I only have about 40 devices at this time. Any ideas?

just exclude it first with the hub tile, then z-wave exclusion, before adding it again.

when I click on this thread I am redirected to the generic ST support page. I simply want to read the response to routing optimization suggestions that I cannot find on the st support page…

How do I simply see the thread or go the link ST is trying to send us to?

Yeah, smartthings moved a whole bunch of the support articles when they discontinued the classic app in December 2020. And they didn’t update their links. :disappointed_relieved:

As of this writing, they are available at the following link, but I can’t promise they won’t move it again in the future.

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Got it and thank you very much.

In looking at some of your issues I am experiencing the same. Have two devices I deleted that are still showing up in the Zwave repairs. Have two devices I cannot find in my device list that are showing up as an issue in the zWare repairs. The list goes on, but, working on one at a time.

Great community and appreciate the help.

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I am using the latest SmartThings app. If i follow the instructions for General ZWave device exclusion from the link… open the app… click the burger menu… select “all devices”… click on my v1 hub… then select the 3 dots menu in upper right corner…

I only get 2 options: “Edit” and “Information”. Where did I go wrong? I do see the app was last updated just a week ago…

z-wave utilities are not available to v1 hub owners in the app. you will need to use the z-wave utilities available in IDE instead.

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